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Opening of Al Baik Dubai mall Restaurant at Dubai Mall – The famous Saudi Al Baik restaurant chain  announced the opening of its first branch in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai on Wednesday,  June 16, 2021, in the food court at Dubai Mall. The United Arab Emirates is the second country  outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which Al Baik UAE restaurants are opened after the  Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to other branches spread throughout the Kingdom.

Al Baik Dubai mall location

Dubai Mall was chosen to open the first branch of Al Baik UAE Restaurant in its food court, as it is  planned to open other branches in the cities of the United Arab Emirates soon. 

The food court in Dubai Mall includes many famous international restaurants that serve all  kinds of food from around the world, but Al Baik chicken Dubai mall is an important addition to  Dubai Mall restaurants for fans of Al Baik chicken and broasted meals in general. 

Al Baik Dubai mall location: Dubai Mall food court, Downtown Dubai

Al Baik Dubai mall

Al Baik Dubai Menu

Al Baik chain is renowned for serving delicious crispy broasted fried chicken meals, and Al Baik Dubai Menu includes a wide variety of seafood, side dishes and desserts, as well as multiple types of sandwiches.

ALBAIK Full Menu Dubai Mall price list

1. Al Baik Chicken Meal 4 Pcs Regular / Spicy
2. Fillet Nuggets Chicken \ Fish meal
3. Chicken Fillet Burger Regular / Spicy
4. Chicken Fillet Sandwich Small/Large \ Regular \ Spicy
5. Chicken Fillet Snack Regular / Spicy Regular / Spicy
6. Fish Fillet Sandwich Small/Large Regular / Spicy
7. Value shrimp Regular / Spicy
8. Value Shrimp Combo Regular / Spicy
9. Shrimp sandwich Regular / Spicy
10. French Fries
11. Coleslaw Salad
12. Hommos
13. Fries with garlic sauce
14. Smoothies
15. Soft drinks
16. Water

Al Baik Dubai Breakfast Menu

1. Egg Sandwich
2. Egg sandwich with cheese
3. Grilled chicken slices and cheese Sandwich 4. Falafel
5. Falafel sandwich
6. Al Baik Falafel Meal

Al Baik Dubai Mall Meals Prices Chicken Meal

  • Chicken Fillet Nuggets Meal 10: 15 AED
  • Chicken Fillet Nuggets Combo Meal 10 Pcs: 18 AED

Seafood Meals

  • Value Shrimp Meal: 22 AED 
  • Value Shrimp Combo: 25 AED 


  • Chicken Fillet Sandwich: 6.5 AED 
  • Sandwich Combos : Chicken Fillet Sandwich combo: 12 AED 

Side orders

  • Al Baik Fries: 4.5 AED 
  • Fries with garlic sauce: 5.5 AED 
  • 2 Bun bread: 1.5 AED 
  • Cocktail sauce: 1.5 AED  
  • Garlic sauce: 1 AED 
  • Corn on the Cob: 5.5 AED 

Drinks and Desserts

  • Soft drinks 4-5 AED 
  • Vanilla Ice Cream 2 AED 
  • Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup 3 AED 
  • Vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup 3 AED

Al Baik Dubai mall

Al baik dubai mall menu pdf

Albaik branches in dubai

  • Al Nahda, Dubai
  • Al Rashidiya, Dubai
  • Al Satwa, Dubai
  • Expo City Dubai, Dubai
  • Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
  • ADNOC, Dubai Hills Estate

Contact Al Baik Restaurant Dubai 

To see all the restaurant’s offers and the latest news, you can follow the Al Baik Dubai mall restaurant’s page on  Instagram.

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