Tourism in Dubai 2021: A guide to the best tourism destinations in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai is famous for its unique attractions such as Burj Khalifa (the  tallest building in the world), mega shopping malls, skyscrapers, high-rise  buildings, soft-sand beaches, wonderful water parks and other landmarks, which made the Emirate of Dubai one of the most popular destinations by visitors and  tourists. 

Dubai, which is one of the seven cities of the United Arab Emirates, is located on  the coast of the Arabian Gulf and is divided by Dubai Creek into two parts: Deira  and Bur Dubai. Dubai is distinguished by its unique cultural diversity and  wonderful lifestyle, in addition to its richness in heritage areas such as the Al  Fahidi neighborhood, which represents old Dubai and is one of the most important  tourist places in Dubai. 

Tourism in Dubai is distinguished from other Emirates cities in terms of unique  landmarks in Dubai, where artificial islands and giant skyscrapers with innovative  engineering designs, giant shopping centers, distinctive parks, and high-end  accommodation and entertainment options, hereinafter we’re going to start with  those Dubai attractions that almost certainly feature on everyone’s Dubai itinerary. 

Best landmarks in Dubai (Tourism in Dubai)

Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa is the most famous landmark of Dubai and on the list of top  attractions in Dubai, where visitors can enjoy watching the beautiful Dubai skyline  and the most beautiful natural and industrial landscapes for which Dubai is famous for. . It is distinguished by its towering height, which is about 828 meters, and  consists of 200 floors, and is considered the tallest skyscraper in the world. It was  opened in 2010 AD to become one of Dubai’s most important attractions that  attract large numbers of visitors and tourists annually. 

Burj Khalifa celebrates New Year’s Eve annually by launching a wide range of  dazzling fireworks that can be seen from various places of Dubai, as well as the  laser shows that are displayed on the front of the tower in an attractive and  surprising sight for tourists and visitors. Since its opening, Burj Khalifa has  become one of the best and most famous places to visit in Dubai. 

The viewing platforms (observation decks) are located in Burj Khalifa, the tallest  skyscraper in the world, on the 124th and 125th floors, and there is another 

observation deck. That is the highest viewing platform in the world located on the  148th floor called “The Top of the Tower” or “Burj Khalifa Sky”. 

Burj Khalifa restaurants serves many varieties of cuisine from different kitchens of  the world with a unique dining experience, and the At.mosphere Restaurant in Burj  Khalifa is the highest restaurant in the world and provides its visitors with  wonderful views of the Dubai skyline and Dubai’s landmarks. 

Tickets for the Top of the Tower, “Burj Khalifa Sky” and observation decks cost  378 AED  

Burj Khalifa famous places to visit in Dubai

Dubai Mall 

Dubai Mall is considered one of the best places to visit in Dubai for families, the  interior and exterior wonderful architectural design and elegant decorations catch  the eye, and it is the largest shopping center in the world and one of the best malls  in Dubai. The mall gives you a unique shopping experience among a huge group of  stores, Dubai Mall, which offers the most famous international brands that keep  pace with the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion, in addition to many  entertainment facilities that attract visitors. 

Dubai Mall, which is one of the most important landmarks in Dubai, includes the  Dubai Ice Rink for snowboarders, in addition to Dubai Aquarium, which is one of  the most prominent entertainment destinations in Dubai Mall. The mall also  contains a huge cinema complex to watch the latest international movies. 

It also includes KidZania Dubai Mall for children, which provides children with a  real educational environment to develop their skills and abilities by practicing  many different professions in a fun and wonderful manner, which made it one of  the best places in Dubai for families. 

It is recommended to eat a delicious meal in one of the distinctive Dubai Mall  restaurants, which offers many types of delicious international and oriental cuisine  that you will not find anywhere else. 

Tickets for KidZania Dubai Mall cost 195 AED for children 4-16 years.  Tickets for Dubai Aquarium cost 300 AED for children and 400 AED for adult. Tickets for Dubai Ice Rink cost 40-75 AED and 160AED for skiing lessons. 

Dubai Mall 

City Walk Dubai 

City Walk is one of the best places to visit in Dubai for tourism, as it is  characterized by passion and mental innovation, as it was designed by the most 

famous designers and engineers in the world, it is an integrated city that shows the  spirit of modern life and contains many of the most luxurious tourist hotels in  Dubai, and At City Walk, you can explore the finest international fashion, which  features many dazzling annual performances, and also offers the most luxurious  types of accessories and a variety of perfume, bags and more stores. 

The activities of City Walk include a large number of fun games for children, such  as Hub Zero, the first of its kind in the Middle East, and creative educational  spaces for children, and there is a Green Planet forest that contains many types of  animals and plants in addition to many of City Walk Dubai’s classy restaurants and  accommodations, so City Walk is one of the best tourist destinations in Dubai. 

best places to visit in Dubai

La Mer Dubai  

La Mer Dubai project is one of the most famous tourism destinations in Dubai,  located in Al-Jumeirah on an area of 13.4 million square feet, and it is one of the  beautiful places of Dubai, where La Mer Beach has crystal clear water and a wonderful view of the Arabian Gulf. 

The area of La Mer Dubai includes many places to enjoy thrilling adventures, such  as games, water slides and beach playgrounds that are suitable for children and  adults, as well as a group of La Mer restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food,  sweets, great-tasting ice cream, and hot and cold drinks. 

The La Mer Dubai gives visitors great shopping opportunity, as it includes many  famous brands such as 89 Coast and Sephora and a specialized store that sells  beachwear. La Mer also contains a Roxy cinema, an entertainment center for  children, and Laguna Water Park for aquatics, and it is considered one of the best  tourist places in Dubai for families. 

Ticket Prices: 175 AED for adults and 145 AED for children. 

best  tourist places in Dubai

Dubai Frame 

Dubai Frame is one of the most famous places of tourism in Dubai, with which the  ancient cultural heritage of the emirate of Dubai is mixed with its wonderful  present, providing magical, breathtaking views of the most important areas of old  Dubai and new Dubai. 

The height of the frame is estimated at about 150 meters, its width is about 73  meters, and it consists of 48 floors, with a total cost of more than 200 million AED.  The design of the Dubai Frame is distinguished by its cover which is an outer layer  of stainless steel, and when climbing to the top of the frame, you can enjoy the best 

views of Dubai by watching the Dubai skyline and the sunset, and wandering  through the glass corridor that is illuminated by the most wonderful lights. 

Also, while you are inside Dubai frame, you can take the most beautiful  photographs of the most beautiful landmark of Dubai with your family and friends  and drink a distinctive coffee, as it is one of the best tourist places in Dubai for  families. 

Entrance ticket price for Dubai Frame: 50 AED for adults and 20 AED for children 

famous places of tourism in Dubai

The Dubai Fountain 

The Dubai Fountain is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai, which  is located between Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, and it is one of the largest and  tallest fountains in the world, where the Dubai Fountain offers many amazing  displays between a combination of flowing movements of water that embrace the  magical lights with Eye-catching colors, in a wonderful harmony with the rhythm  of soft music, and an atmosphere of silence and surprise. 

The Dubai Dancing Fountain, which is one of the most prominent attractions in  Dubai and places to visit in Dubai for free, presents nine different shows, each with  its own beauty and distinction. The Dubai fountains received a high vote as one of  the top places to visit in Dubai, and it is one of the most prominent attraction  places in the UAE. 

Dubai Fountain show timings: 6 pm until midnight, the duration of the show is 5  minutes every half hour 

beautiful places of tourism in Dubai

Burj Al Arab 

Burj Al Arab is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai and one of  the most luxurious hotels in the world, which is distinguished by the presence of its  own artificial island and its unique design that resembles a sail with a height of up  to 321 meters and provides a panoramic view of the beaches of Dubai. 

Among the activities that you can do during your visit to the Burj Al Arab, one of  the most famous hotels in Dubai, are opportunities to relax at the Al Sawan Health  Spa Club which located on the eighteenth floor, next to the fitness center equipped  

with the latest sports facilities and a visit to the Wild Wadi Water Park. The hotel  also provides transportation to and from the airport by Rolls-Royce or by  helicopter. Burj Al Arab restaurants offer all kinds of international food in places  suspended in the sky or under the sea, and this is one of the best tourism activities  in Dubai.

A trip to Dubai is not complete, without going to Jumeirah tourist area and  enjoying Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is distinguished by its unique engineering and  interior designs made of gold, to become one of the best tourist attractions in  Dubai. 

most famous landmarks in Dubai

Dubai Opera 

One of the best attractions places to visit in Dubai and a huge cultural edifice for  art experts and lovers. Dubai Opera has a wonderful design inspired from the  structure of the boat, which increases the charm of its appearance and its  distinction. The main stage of the opera house can accommodate more than two  thousand visitors, beside many orchestra halls. 

When you visit Dubai for tourism, do not miss attending one of the Dubai Opera  shows and enjoy watching live concerts and orchestras, as well as many art  galleries and film screenings. We recommend you after the opera theatrical  performances to see the covered glass garden and have a meal in one of the  luxurious restaurants near the Dubai Opera House, which is one of the most  prominent tourist places in Dubai. 

most  prominent tourist places in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 

It is one of the most amazing landmarks in Dubai for families that deserve to visit,  as it is home to a large group of marine creatures with a huge diversity of about 33  thousand marine creatures, nearly 400 sharks, and a lot of colorful fish tanks,  which gives Visitors of individuals and families the opportunity to enjoy a fun day  in its hallways. 

It is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, one of Dubai’s most prominent  attractions. It also gives you the opportunity to experience diving in large  aquariums with sharks. Do not miss watching the rhythmic performances of  underwater mermaids, which increases your trip fun and joy for you and all your  family members while spending family holidays in Dubai. Visiting Aquarium is  one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai. 

Scuba diving prices in Dubai Aquarium is 595 AED 

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Creek 

Dubai Creek is one of the best places to visit in Dubai, as it is a watery line that  splits the city of Dubai into two halves and forms a natural port for traditional, 

commercial and tourist ships, as it attracts a large number of foreign tourists who  love picturesque nature to enjoy a cruise on the Dubai Creek on board one of the  tourist traditional boats or ships which stretches along the old Dubai. 

This water tour is characterized by the tourist’s introduction to the advantages of  tourism in the glamorous Dubai, and visitors to Dubai Creek can walk along the  picturesque Creek Corniche, which includes a large group of restaurants and  choose the best among them, and for more fun, sip coffee in the open air with a  distinctive view of the creek in one of the cafes which spread along the Corniche, it  is one of the top attractions places in Dubai. 

op attractions places in Dubai

Skydive Dubai 

Sky Dive is one of the most interesting and exciting tourism destinations in Dubai,  be prepared for a breathtaking adventure, and be fully confident that you are in the  hands of professionals to train you and teach you important safety tips during your  trip, through which you will have the opportunity to fly in the Dubai sky with an  

expert trainer and watch landmarks in Dubai. 

The most exciting activity in Dubai, where you will jump from the plane from a  height of 13 thousand feet, to enjoy the stunning views, and the stunning views of  Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Arabian Gulf. Skydive Dubai School  for teaching parachuting is one of the most important centers for teaching this sport  in the Arab world and one of the most famous places in Dubai. 

Skydive costs 2199 AED 

tourism destinations in Dubai

Helicopter tour in Dubai 

Helicopter tours are among the most important tourism trips in Dubai, as there are  many tours that can be obtained, which vary according to the place that will cover  your enjoyable air tour, which includes a helicopter flight from the Palm Island to  Burj Khalifa, as you can see best views of Dubai and it extends to 25 minutes  

flying along the coast of Dubai. You can see many of Dubai’s tourist destinations,  such as: Atlantis, The Palm, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai’s beaches. 

There is also 6-hour trip available in a desert safari tour by helicopter, and it takes  off from Palm Jumeirah and rises on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, passing through  Burj Al Arab, Global Islands, Union Square, and reaching the desert with sand  dunes until it reaches the camp site for the desert, there is also a luxurious dinner  with many recreational and tourist activities such as camel riding and seeing  falcons.

Helicopter tour in Dubai 

Yacht charter in Dubai 

If you are a fan of fun cruises and a fan of fishing or a professional, you can enjoy  these hobbies on board of one of the most luxurious yachts that are rented from  centers around Dubai to see the places of tourism in Dubai from the sea. 

Here are the most famous yacht charter centers in Dubai for renting:  

  • Dubai Rental Boat Center, which is one of the most prestigious yacht charter  centers in Dubai and provides luxury boats and yachts of all sizes.  Luxury Yacht Center, which provides the best services and the most  luxurious yachts and boats 
  • Columbus Dubai Yacht and Boat Rental Center, which has a wonderful  location near the most prominent tourist areas in Dubai. 

Yacht charter in Dubai 

Dubai’s beaches 

There are a lot of free places to visit in Dubai such as Dubai’s beaches are  considered one of the most famous attractions in Dubai, full of life, which is rich in  a large and wonderful group of picturesque beaches with crystal clear water and  soft white sand, in addition to many different water activities that suit different age  groups, in addition to the distinctive beach services that provide relaxation and fun  for all visitors.  

Here are the most important beaches in Dubai: 

1- JBR Beach:  

It is the best corniche in Dubai, the charming JBR Dubai Beach, which is also  known as Jumeirah Beach Residence, and it is one of the most important  entertainment places in Dubai and is characterized by its crystal clear waters, it  also provides equipment for aquatics and is surrounded by many luxurious  restaurants and cafes. 

2- Kite Beach 

Kite Beach is famous for being the first destination for windsurfing trips in Dubai  and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. It offers many  entertainment facilities, a children’s play area, and tracks for walking and  exercising, and is considered one of the best beaches in Dubai.

3- Al Mamzar Beach 

Al Mamzar Beach, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai  for families, is located on the border between Dubai and Sharjah and features a  wonderful beach park with vast green areas. The beach, which is considered one of  the most prominent beaches in Dubai, provides many services for visitors, such as  bathing facilities, tracks for walking and cycling and fitness equipment. 

Palm Jumeirah 

One of the most famous landmarks in Dubai, which is a huge industrial  archipelago, which is internationally recognized as the largest artificial islands in  the world, and which is one of the most important tourism destinations in Dubai  that many visitors come to see this gigantic edifice with a stunning view in the  heart of the Gulf, which enables you to spend an enjoyable time during your visit  with a wonderful range of enjoyable recreational facilities. Palm Jumeirah is one of  the must-visit places in Dubai. 

First, take an exhilarating tour in one of the open double-decker buses around the  most important landmarks in Dubai, then fly in the sky of Dubai on a helicopter for  a half-hour trip, or take an adventure with a parachute jump, and on board a luxury  yacht, enjoy a quiet cruise, next to A number of aquatics which provided by Palm  Jumeirah Beach, making it one of the top places to visit in Dubai. 

places to visit in Dubai

Dubai parks 

One of the free activities in Dubai that you can do is visiting Dubai’s Parks.  

Dubai includes a group of international parks that have received the highest ranks,  some of which have entered the Guinness World Records due to their striking  beauty and brilliant architectural designs, to become one of the most prominent  attractions in Dubai for families. Here is a list of the most famous parks in Dubai: 

1- Dubai Butterfly Garden 

In Dubai Butterfly Garden, you will enjoy watching butterflies flutter everywhere,  as visitors can access through different domes to discover nearly 50 species of  butterflies, each with their own unique shape, color and features. 

Through the Butterflies Museum and the educational zone located inside the park,  you can learn about the life of butterflies at every stage, making it one of the best  places to visit in Dubai for children.

Entrance fee: 55 AED for adults, free for children under 3 years old 

2- Dubai Miracle Garden 

Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubai, one of the best Dubai places to visit, is a floral  wonderland of 50 million flowers and is also one of the most prominent places of  entertainment in Dubai. Classified as the largest natural flower garden in the world  and the most visited tourist destination in Dubai, it includes hundreds of flower  models on an area of 18 acres (7.3 hectares), all of which create a splendor of  beautiful color and smell. 

When you visit Dubai Miracle Garden, you will see huge models made of flowers  for Mickey Mouse, the Emirates Airbus A380, a huge clock of flowers, in addition  to corridors of hearts and butterflies and 3D models. 

Entrance fees: 55 AED for adults and 40 AED for children from 3-12 years 

best parks in Dubai Miracle Garden

3- Zabeel Park  

If you are looking for BBQ places in Dubai, you should go to Zabeel Park. It is  Dubai’s largest park, located between karama area and the World Trade Centre in  Zabeel Square along Sheikh Zayed Street. The garden has more than 3,000 palm  trees with nearly 7,000 different trees from 14 distinct species. It also has vast  green spaces, children’s playing areas and private barbecue areas. And it’s one of  free places to visit in Dubai. 

4- Creek Park 

One of the places to visit in Dubai for free is Creek Park. The Creek Park is one of  the best parks in Dubai, as it includes the cable car that roams the top of Dubai, in  addition to the Dubai Dolphinarium, which offers dolphin shows. Dubai Creek  Park spans 96 hectares and was built in 1994. 

5- Dubai safari Park  

Are you looking for unique things to do in Do in Dubai and have an enthusiastic  activity in Dubai? Safari Park is the best place. You can actually feel the fresh air  breeze as you head to Dubai Safari Park, one of Dubai’s most prominent  attractions. The tree line to the 119-hectare wildlife resort prepares you for a  unique experience in getting close to a range of animals, including some of the  most fascinating species in Africa.

Dubai Safari Park, which is one of the most well-known attractions in New Dubai,  has more than 2,500 animals, including elephants, lions, rhinos and giraffes.  Visitors can also watch animals roam inside the park. The park has been classified  as one of the best places of entertainment in Dubai. Give you an enthusiastic  activity 

Tickets prices for Dubai Safari Park: 50 AED for adults and 20 AED for children 

Dubai theme park 

Emirate of Dubai includes many theme parks suitable for children and families of  all ages, which are considered one of the best places to visit in Dubai. Here are the  most prominent theme parks in Dubai: 

1- IMG Worlds of Adventure 

IMG is the first covered theme park in the Emirate of Dubai, which includes many  events, performances and simulations of the life of dinosaurs. IMG Park also  features a unique group of speed roller coaster in addition to a lot of themed stores  in IMG and exclusive dining venues in addition to 12 state-of-the-art cinema  screens to become one of the best entertainment venues in Dubai. 

Tickets prices: 268 AED 


LEGOLAND Dubai gives visitors an enjoyable day of exciting children’s  adventures and a lot of exhilarating aquatics across five areas with different  designs, and it also offers a variety of games and live entertainment with 40  entertainment games. And it is one of the most popular places for family in Dubai. 

Ticket prices: 245 AED 

most popular places for family in Dubai

3- Motiongate Dubai 

Experience the magic of Hollywood in the desert at Motiongate Dubai, which is  part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and the largest Hollywood-inspired theme park in  the Middle East and one of the most important landmarks in Dubai. Motiongate at  Dubai Parks and Resorts includes five separate areas and interactive playing areas,  as well as loads of live shows and entertainment based on 13 famous Hollywood  films.

Ticket prices: 275 AED for adults and free for children under 3 years old 

4- Wild Wadi Waterpark 

Wild Wadi Waterpark overlooks one of Dubai’s most prominent landmarks, Burj  Al Arab Hotel, which located on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, and includes 30  aquatics. Wild Wadi Waterpark attracts nearly a million visitors annually.  Adrenaline junkies, water enthusiasts and families wanting to spend a great day  enjoying everything from water slides to lazy rivers, pools, surfing and more  adventures that Wild Wadi Waterpark offer. 

Ticket prices: 270 AED 

4- Aquaventure Waterpark 

Get ready for an action-packed day at the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark on Palm  Jumeirah. Enjoy a host of exciting rides that will push you to your extreme,  including Aquaconda, the world’s largest water slide that will catapult you and  drop you into the world’s largest fiberglass tube. Aquaventure Waterpark is a must see in Dubai. 

Ticket prices: 336 AED for adults and 284 AED for children 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one of the most famous places to visit in  Dubai, as it extends in the heart of the desert with an area of 325 square kilometers  and includes. Among its territories many rare animals, plants and birds, as well as  endangered reptiles that are provided with a suitable environment suitable for their  needs in Dubai’s weather. 

During your visit to this distinctive reserve, you will enjoy comfort and calmness in the tents that equipped for hosting Dubai visitors who looking for tourism away  from the noise of the city. For adventure lovers, the reserve offers many interesting  activities, from enjoying a tour on horses or camels or taking a fun four-wheel  drive safari in a wonderful experience over the sand dunes, it is the most beautiful  landmark of Dubai.

most famous places to visit in  Dubai

Dubai Museums 

Dubai has the ancient historical city, represented by many museums, which are  among the most important places to visit in Dubai, which attract millions of  tourists every year. There are many museums that are must-visit places in Dubai for those who want to learn about Dubai’s history and traditions. And visiting  museum is best free family activities in Dubai. Here we present to you the most  important heritage sites of Dubai: 

1- Dubai Museum 

If you are looking for the best places in heritage in Dubai, you should go to the  Dubai Museum, which is located in Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in the  Emirate of Dubai. The Dubai Museum simulates the vast difference between old  and new Dubai. The Dubai Museum contains many antiques, handicrafts and  artifacts dating back to the year 3000 BC. 

Dubai Museum

2- Camel House Museum 

The Camel House Museum is one of the first museums to be built in Dubai, such  as the Dubai Museum, as it displays the original history of camels in the United  Arab Emirates and the wonderful old pictures of Dubai before the union in 1971, in  addition to pictures of neighborhoods in old Dubai and some places of tourism in  Dubai. 

3- Coins Museum 

Coin Museum in the Dubai, which is located in the historic Al Fahidi within the  historic Al Bastakiya district, displays the most famous types of coins that were  circulated in the countries of the Middle East. 

4- Coffee Museum 

One of places to visit in Dubai for free is Dubai Coffee Museum, it focuses on  introducing the history of coffee in the United Arab Emirates, which is a symbol of  Arab hospitality and culture. The museum includes a model of old coffee mills and  some old pots that were used to prepare coffee. Visiting the museum is one of the  most important activities in Dubai.

5- Etihad Museum 

Etihad Museum is one of the most important modern museums in Dubai and a  must-visit place in Dubai, as it tells the contemporary history of the UAE, the  future of Dubai and the stages that the process of the Federation of Seven Emirates  went through. The museum is distinguished from other Dubai Museums with an  attractive design inspired from the Union Document with the seven Pillars of  Wisdom. 

6- Naif Museum 

Naif Museum displays the most important police tools and special documents on  the history of Dubai Police and the development of the judicial system in Dubai.  The museum is located in Naif Police Station near Gold Souk and contains old  collections and photos of Dubai Police. 

Dubai Gold Souk  

A tourism holiday in Dubai is not complete without a visit to the Dubai Gold Souk,  which offers the latest trends in jewelry fashion, gold crafts, diamonds, and pearls,  as well as precious stones, as well as silver with great designs. Dubai Gold Souk,  which is one of the most important shopping destinations in Dubai, is popular with local residences, tourists and all city visitors. 

The Deira Gold Souk, which is located near the Dubai Creek, provides many designs that satisfy all tastes, in addition to gold artifacts in Indian, Arab ian and  Italian styles. The Dubai Gold Souk contains more than 300 stores and retains the  unique flavor of Dubai’s past, making it one of the most popular destinations in the  UAE. 

Bollywood Parks 

Another place for entertainment in Dubai, this city is located on Sheikh Zayed  Road in Dubai, and it was opened to attract millions of Indian cinema fans of all  kinds, as it is characterized by the latest technology and enables visitors to discover  the Indian film industry and attend live entertainment shows and it is considered  one of the most prominent places of entertainment in Dubai. 

BollywoodParks, which is one of the most interesting places in Dubai, offers a  wide range of exciting live adventures, in addition to watching exciting Raj Mahal  shows, and teaching visitors how to make quick acrobatic movements. 

BollywoodParks also includes a wide range of fun rides and a vast garden with  dense trees and lush flowers. 

Tickets Prices: 115 AED per person 

interesting places in Dubai

Dolphin Bay 

Dolphin Bay in Dubai Atlantis is one of the most beautiful experiences that you  can enjoy in your life, as it offers a wide range of dazzling dolphin shows that  interact closely with visitors and swimming with them, so it is considered one of  the top places to visit in Dubai for families where young and old enjoy this interesting trip, as visitors can dive underwater with dolphins and take the most  beautiful souvenir photos. 

In addition to practicing a lot of aquatics, such as surfing next to dolphins, these  attractive creatures are among the closest loving creatures to people and love to  share many games and adventures with them, and it should be noted that those who  can do this unique experience with dolphins are those who have a diving license so  that no one is exposed to dangers. Dolphin Bay in Dubai has been rated the best  place in Dubai for children. 

Tickets prices: 105 AED for adults and 50 AED for children. 

best  place in Dubai for children

Dubai Water Canal 

One of the free activities in Dubai is going to Dubai Water Canal, it is considered  one of the best destinations for taking pictures of tourism in Dubai, the length of  the canal is estimated at about 3 km, and its width ranges from 80 to 120 meters,  and this project costs about 2 billion AED, as it crosses many landmarks in Dubai,  includes a waterfall at its intersection with the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge, where it  operates automatically and is illuminated in the evening with attractive lights. 

Five pedestrian bridges were built to enjoy safe crossing the canal, visitors can  experience walking and cycling on the parallel road to the canal, in addition to  riding boats and yachts to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in the canal, which is one  of the best entertainment places in Dubai. 

best entertainment places in Dubai

Dubai Marina 

Where you can find free activities in Dubai? 

Dubai Marina district is an integrated area with facilities and services, with many  attractions such as Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina Fountain, and a group of 

hotels, apartments, luxury resorts, luxury malls, skyscrapers and many  entertainment venues in Dubai. 

There are many tourist activities in Dubai that can be enjoyed in Dubai Marina, as  you can rent some boats from Dubai Marina to take you on a private cruise with  your family. Therefore, Dubai Marina is one of the best places to visit in Dubai for  families. 

best places to visit in Dubai

Global Village  

Global Village in Dubai is one of the experiences that visitors cannot forget  throughout their lives when visiting Dubai, as it is considered one of the most  prominent attractions in Dubai, it was opened in 1997 AD and offers many musical  celebrations with the presence of the most famous singers and dancers. The best  tourist place in Dubai attracts millions of visitors annually.  

This village, which is one of the most famous Landmarks in Dubai, offers 30  international pavilions that include the holdings of 65 countries, and each suite is  distinguished by the character of each country as if you have already traveled to it,  where there are local products and the most important features of handicrafts and  traditional goods, and the pavilion of each country is distinguished by decorations  and special designs In addition to its activities and rituals. 

The best  tourist place in Dubai

Al Seef  

A new area of Dubai located on the banks of the Dubai Creek and occupies an  important place on the Dubai tourism map. Al Seef Walkway in Dubai preserves  the architectural designs that embody the residential areas of old Dubai that  express the luxury of Dubai, and many events, celebrations and exhibitions of  traditional art are held in Dubai. 

When you finish your shopping trip, you can take a cruise in one of Dubai’s new  tourist attractions by yachting at Al Seef Marina and enjoy fishing and eat your  favorite meals in one of the restaurants in Al Seef Marina, Dubai. 

important place on the Dubai tourism

Al-Bastakiya neighborhood 

Looking for things to do in Dubai for free? Then visiting neighborhoods is a good  choice.  

Al Bastakiya, located in Bur Dubai (also known as Al Fahidi neighborhood), is one  of Dubai’s historical and tourist neighborhoods and one of the oldest residential 

areas in Dubai located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, as this neighborhood was  built at the beginning of the twentieth century to be the residence for traders at that  time. The neighborhood, which is characterized by traditional Barjeel, includes  many places of archaeological tourism, traditional souks and museums, to become  one of the most important places to visit in Dubai. It is one of the places to visit in  Dubai for free. 

Jumeirah Mosque 

One of the free things to do in Dubai for free is visiting mosques.  

Jumeirah Mosque, which located on Jumeirah Street, is considered one of Dubai’s  most prominent religious attractions. It was designed in Fatimid style and  accommodates more than 1,200 people. In Jumeirah Mosque, through the Sheikh  Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Communication, tours are  organized for non-Muslims that provide an opportunity to learn about Islam, as the  75-minute tours begin daily at 10:00 am except Fridays and outside prayer times. 

Jumeirah Mosque 

Dubai Festivals 

Every year, festivals are held to promote tourism in Dubai. The Dubai Shopping  Festival, which is one of the most prominent events in Dubai, begins on December  26, 2020, and continues until February 1, 2021, with many artistic and tourist  activities, fireworks displays, and many shopping options. Dubai Summer  Surprises events will also start during the summer, which offers a lot of leisure  tourism activities and promotions offered by souks in Dubai. 

Mall of the Emirates  

Mall of the Emirates is one of the famous shopping malls in Dubai and one of the  most important entertainment places in Dubai that many tourists and visitors visit  to enjoy the various tourism activities that the mall provides. 

The mall was opened in 2005 on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, and includes about  570 stores that sell various products, in addition to an Apple store that specializes  in selling iPhone and Mac devices, and Mall of the Emirates restaurants offer a  variety of dishes from international kitchens. Below we review the most important  tourism activities in the Mall of the Emirates.

entertainment places in Dubai

1- Ski Dubai 

Ski Dubai Snow Park is one of the top places to visit in Dubai as it offers a family  skiing experience and it is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Ski Dubai  is the third largest ski resort in the world and one of Dubai’s favorite tourist  destinations. Ski Dubai offers an area of 22,500 square meters or 3 soccer fields  covered with real snow throughout the year, including a 3,000 square meter snow  park with a snow cave. It is one of the best things to do in Dubai. 

Tickets prices: 150 AED for adults and 95 AED for children 

top places to visit in Dubai

2- Magic Planet 

One of the most prominent entertainment places in Dubai for children, Magic  Planet at Mall of the Emirates offers a lot of different entertainment games and a  dedicated bowling area. Children can try the Astro Blasters game, which  encourages children to move and play with plastic laser guns, and there are train,  car and video games. 

The Pointe Dubai 

Here is one the free places to visit in Dubai “The Pointe”, which is a new attraction in Dubai, The Pointe, features a distinctive view of the Atlantis The Palm Hotel  and is located on an area of 1.4 million square feet. 

This unique place is considered one of the new places in Dubai, UAE, and it is  located in Palm Jumeirah, one of the most prominent landmarks in Dubai and  features a wonderful view of the waters of the Arabian Gulf. 

new places in Dubai

Last Exit Al-Khawaneej 

The largest gathering of food trucks in Dubai, Last Exit Al Khawaneej is one of the  new projects in Dubai, and includes areas dedicated for eating or drinking coffee in  a beautiful rural atmosphere inspired by the farm environment and suitable for  family holidays in Dubai. 

As you roam around in the Last Exit Al Khawaneej, you will see models of farm  animals as well as old agricultural vehicles and decorated food trucks. The Last  Exit Al Khawaneej is considered one of the most interesting places in Dubai.

interesting places in Dubai

Dubai Souks 

Visiting Dubai is not complete without a visit to the famous Dubai souks, as the  city of Dubai includes many commercial souks that offer all the various products  and capture the interest of all tourists coming to Dubai. Here are highlights of the  most important Dubai tourism souks: 

1- Naif Souk 

One of the oldest and most popular Dubai, it is the ideal destination for many  visitors and residents in Dubai to shop and is considered one of the most important  places to visit in Dubai. 

Naif Souk in Dubai has more than 100 stores that specialize in selling fabrics,  abayas, dresses, leather products, electronics and souvenirs at affordable prices, so  it is considered one of cheap places to visit in Dubai. Naif Souk is located near  many landmarks in Dubai, such as the Dubai Creek and the historic Al Fahidi Fort.

Naif Souk best souks in Dubai

2- Dragon Mart 

The largest commercial market for selling Chinese products outside of China, and  it includes more than 4000 stores that sell clothes, furniture, electronics, toys,  building materials in addition to shoes and bags. The market also contains many  food stalls, children’s playing areas, a cinema complex, and large parkings. 

Dragon Mart in Dubai is one of the cheap places to visit in Dubai and is located on  Al Awir Road near International City and is designed in the form of a huge dragon  extending to 2.1 km in length over an area of 150,000 m, and it is one of Dubai’s  prominent landmarks. 

3- Spice Souk 

Spice Souk is one of the most prominent places in Dubai for shopping and it  specializes in selling Indian and Asian spices in addition to souvenir antiques,  household items, textiles, incense and carpets. 

Spice Souk is located near the Gold Market in Dubai and the Dubai Creek, and it is  one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai from tourists and residents because  it contains the finest types of spices and rare medicinal herbs. .

4- Ibn Battuta Mall 

It is one of the most important places to visit in Dubai and is characterized by a  design that simulates the life story of the famous traveler Ibn Battuta and includes  many luxurious restaurants and stores that offer the latest fashion, cosmetics,  furnishings and accessories. 

The mall consists of 6 lobbies: Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China,  where each hall is designed to suit the ancient civilizations of these countries. Ibn  Battuta Mall’s stores, which are 275 stores, are a suitable destination for high-end  shopping during Dubai tourism holiday. 

The Palm Fountain 

The Palm Fountain was opened in October of 2020, and it is the only multi-colored  fountain in Dubai and one of the landmarks in New Dubai, which attracted the  attention of many water parade enthusiasts. 

The Palm Fountain is located within the Pointe area on Palm Jumeirah and reaches  105 meters high on an area of 14 thousand square feet and is lit using more than 3  thousand LED lights to become one of the top places to visit in Dubai.

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