Best 7 companies to Car rental in Dubai -Hertz , Speedy & more

Car rental in Dubai is easier than taking the Dubai Metro, tram or bus to get around the city, all you have to do is pay for rental office and choose your car. However, with so many car rentals in Dubai, choosing the right one can be hard.

Renting a car give you the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere you want at any time, and this is good especially for tourists and when you rent a car in Dubai it is important to determine the car that suits you.

Car rental in Dubai

Here you can explore an amazing world of variety cars at Rental Automobiles UAE where you can choose from 80,000 rental cars and the cars can be delivered to your home or picked up at one of hundreds of locations across Dubai, including Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and Business Bay. Customers can also choose to leave their cars at any location they want in Dubai; it is one of the best car rentals in Dubai.
There are many options for many manufacturers such as Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and Kia are available. Who prefer a particular model for a longer period of time can also submit requests to the agency and you can compare different car options and this ensures that you get the best deal as per your budget.

For whom interested in renting the most luxury and exotic cars in Dubai from exceptional brands or particular model such as Rolls Royce, Porsche, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz here at luxury car rental Dubai you will find everything you want.

Car rental in Dubai


Hertz is one of the most popular car rental service providers in Dubai, it has twelve branches in the emirate and it has been providing superior car service in multiple countries for more than 90 years, Hertz also boasts a 24/7 roadside assistance team as well as 24 hour customer service. .

In case the car that you rent breakdown, it will be replaced in a jiffy. GPS navigation with Bluetooth, personal accident insurance and a child seat can be added. And as part of their loyalty, you’ll also earn discounts.

  • Contact number: 971-4-206-0206.


Diamondleas is one of Al-Habtoor Group that has been serving Dubai since 1996. It is one of the best car rental in Dubai at lowest price. It is ISO 9001 certified and has a fleet of around 7000 cars.

Diamondleas is famous for its excellent customer service and well-kept cars, customers can rent small and medium-sized cars, SUVs, buses, vans, and reefer container vehicles at very low price, and it is considered one of the best car rentals in Dubai.

  • Contact number: 971-4-885-2677.

National Car Rental

National Car Rental (NRC) is one of the most popular car rentals in Dubai, in fact, it is fair to say that it is one of the leading car rental sector in Dubai, operating in more than 80 countries, and is a popular car rental option among Dubai residents. Because of its commitment to providing services at affordable prices, online applications for car rental services are also available.

  • Contact number: 800-3031.

Car rental in Dubai


OneClickDrive is one of the most popular car rental in Dubai, there are about 50 different brands of cars in their collection, you can choose what suit you as per your budget, you can rent SUV, van, luxury car, sports car, or a family car. Equipped with wheelchair lifts and ramps, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, Kia, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, Lincoln, and Maserati, it also offers discounts for long lease contracts.

  • Contact number: 971-56-769-1449.

Speedy Drive Car Rental Dubai

Among the best names of car rental in Dubai, Speedy Drive, where Speedy Drive is keen to provide great services to customers, in order to deal with them again, and it has a diverse number of cars, of course, you will find one that fits your budget, and to get great discounts a good deals visit the official website regularly.

  • Contact number: 971-4-408-7350.


Dollar Rent A Car is an international car rental at more than 53 countries, providing many services to customers and providing efficient, effective services and low cost, where you will find the most competitive car rental rates, and offers discounts especially for people who work in certain professions, such as teachers, for more information visit the official website.

  • Contact number: 971-4-336-5065.


Sixt, another global giant car rental which has multiple offices in the UAE, it is one of the best car rental in Dubai for people looking for an affordable car. When renting a car online, remember to sign up to get discounts and to hire a car at low prices to suit everyone, Sixt is constantly keen on maintaining the best possible quality of customer service.

  • Contact number: 800-800-7498.

Al Emad Cars

Al Emad is a distinguished car rental in Dubai, with a large fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team of employees, the process of renting a car is easy and fast. Audi, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Lamborghini, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, and Toyota are among the top car brands available in Al Emad.

  • Contact number: 971-4-557-3386.

When communicating with one of the car rental in Dubai, it is important to determine the car that suits you, select the manufacturer, and determine the capabilities you want inside the car.

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