Dubai Safari Park tickets 2022: timings, animals and location

Dubai is known as the ‘Shopping Capital of the Middle East, with its famous and outstanding  landmarks it attracts many tourists from all over the world to enjoy its beauty. One of Dubai’s  most important landmarks is Dubai Safari Park, which is the first open safari in the Middle East,  here you will find everything about it such as Dubai Safari Park tickets price and timings and more… 

Dubai Safari Park reopened on October 5, 2020. With new activities such as awareness  programmes, animal feeding and seasonal events added to the exciting attraction, visiting Dubai  Safari Park is now better than ever. Here everything about Dubai Safari Park tickets and more.. 

Dubai Safari Park tickets

Dubai Safari Park tickets prices, Dubai Safari Park ticket booking: 

Dubai Safari Park is very popular because of its different types of animals. It also includes  several landscapes that impress visitors. 

Dubai Safari Park ticket price as follow:  

Dubai Safari Park ticket price for adults and kids, and Dubai Safari Park ticket booking platform Dubai Safari Park ticket price for adults is 50 AED 

  • Safari Park Dubai ticket price for children 20 AED 
  • Combo Dubai Safar park ticket price is 85 AED for adults 
  • Combo Safari Park Dubai ticket price is 30 AED for children 

Dubai Safari Park tickets

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Dubai Safari Park ticket booking: 

If you want to have online Dubai Safari Park tickets you can visit Dubai Safari Park ticket  booking via the park’s official website. 

For Dubai Safari Park ticket booking click here

Ensure that you take advantage of these Dubai Safari Park tickets offers if you plan to visit with  family! 

Entry is free for kids less than three years old as well as for the People of Determination (disabled) with two companion, they are expected to present their SANAD Cards upon entry  gate. 

Dubai Safari Park timings:  

It is open seven days a week, including official holidays  

Dubai Safari Park timings from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Dubai Safari Park website address 

Dubai Safari Park has its own website that includes all the data that the visitor wants to know  about the place; services provided by the park Dubai Safari tickets, Dubai Safari Park ticket  booking and Dubai Safari Park ticket price and timings. For more information and Dubai Safari  Park phone number, visit the website 

Explore Dubai Safari Park 

Dubai Safari Park covers an area of 119 hectares, includes many facilities and places that are  attractions for visitors: 

  • Valley of Adventures 

It is a distinct area in the park and is considered the most important village in Dubai Safari Park,  as it is full of adventures and excitement for adults and kids together. There are areas for games,  climbing walls, jumping and rope skiing. 

  • Public theaters and performances area 

It is an exciting area where a theatrical show of animals’ life, series of shows about birds of all  kinds and shows the most important problems of the earth and how to find solutions to save the  planet. 

Dubai Safari Park shows timings:  

Bird Show (Small Theatre Show): 10:00 am to 10:30 am | 01:30 pm to 02:00 pm Amazing Creatures of the World (Big Theatre Show): 11:30 am to 12:00 am | 03:00 pm to  03:30 pm 

Raptor Show (Open field): 04:00 pm to 04:30 pm 

  • Explorer Village

Explorer Village is the main attraction of Dubai Safari Park. Open-air safaris take you to the  jungles of Asia and Africa to see the animals that live there. Visitors can explore the village in  specially designed vehicles and learn about many animal species such as zebras, leopards and  water buffalo. 

  • Restaurants and cafes area 

There are range of famous restaurants that serve the most delicious and famous international  dishes that you can enjoy all day long with delicious meals, juices and hot drinks, as  the area includes seven famous restaurants. 

  • The most famous animals of Dubai Safari Park 

Dubai Safari Park includes wonderful & rare animals, which includes about 2500 species of  rare animals from all over the world, taking care of them, putting them in the appropriate climate  to live in good health with the provision of appropriate food for them . 

Wildlife world 

Some of the most important animals live in Dubai Safari Park:  

– Chimpanzees: It is an endangered mammal and feeds on meat, fruits and insects. Its  original habitat is Africa. Live between 35 and 40 years. 

– Victoria crowned pigeon: It feeds on seeds and fruits, native to New Guinea and has a  lifespan of up to 25 years. 

– Flamingo: Its original home is India, Europe and the Middle East, and its age is about 50  years. 

– Komodo dragon: It is a reptile; its original habitat is in Indonesia. Live about 30 years.

– Spotted hyena: It is mammals that feed on meat, native to Africa and live about 13 years.

– Veiled chameleon: It is a reptile that feeds on insects, and lives more than 5 years. 

– African spurred tortoise: It is a reptile that feed on herbs and fruits, and its original habitat  is in Africa, and its age exceeds between 70 and 80 years. 

– Black and white collared lemurs: From the class of mammals that feed on fruits,  flowers, tree juices, bark and leaves.

– Nicobar pigeon: It is a bird that feed on seeds and fruits, and its original habitat is  archipelago, and it lives between 7 to 9 years.

Dubai Safari Park tickets

Car parking in Dubai Safari Park 

There are over 3,500, car parking Dubai Safari Park tickets are free, with shuttle service  available to and from the park’s main gate. 

What happened to Dubai Zoo? 

One of the things that many visitors to Dubai Safari Park ask what happened to Dubai Zoo at Jumeirah area. Dubai Zoo was officially closed in 2018, and then the animals were moved to  Dubai Safari Park. If you are a frequent visitor to Dubai Zoo, you will definitely enjoy Dubai  Safari Park.  

Here was a full guide for Dubai Safari Park tickets, Dubai Safari Park timing, Dubai Safari Park ticket booking and Dubai Safari Park animals. 

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