Best activities in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai is one of the best malls in Dubai, and this is due to its unique  architectural design and decoration, inspired by the tours made by the traveller Ibn Battuta.  Through six remarkably designed halls that reflect the civilisation of six countries visited by Ibn  Battuta, we find 400 stores containing the most famous brands in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, owned by Al Nakheel Mall Group. 

If you are heading to the Emirates and looking for the best places for tourism in Dubai, do not  miss visiting Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, which is located on an area of more than 7 million square feet,  and its area is expected to increase after the ongoing expansion stages, which raises the number  of stores to a thousand retail stores. 

Here is a guide on Ibn Battuta Mall 

Ibn Battuta Mall Location  

Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is located at the Jebel Ali district, along Sheikh Zayed Road, at  junction 5 and 6; you can find Ibn Battuta Mall. 

You can reach the location of Ibn Battuta Mall by Dubai Metro, by taking the red line and  getting off at Ibn Battuta Station. 

If you prefer to take your own car, you will find a covered car parking that can accommodate  hundreds of cars 

Things to do in Ibn Battuta Mall  

What is inside Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai? 

As you enter the gate of Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai get ready to enter a world full of mystery and go back  to previous eras that you’ve read about in the books of legends. By passing through the six courts of the mall, you will see the history of six countries and get acquainted with a glimpse of  their civilisation and walk through their Souks as if you went back in time. 

  1. India Court

The decoration and details in India Court in Ibn Battuta Mall highlight the grandeur and  richness of the Indian civilisation during the Mughal period, where Islamic architecture mixed  with Indian architecture, its inscriptions and decorations. This is exactly what you find in the  decor and designs of India Court in Ibn Battuta Mall.

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai India Court

  1. China Court

From the reality of the voyage that Ibn Battuta took to reach China and the adventures he took,  you find at the beginning of China Court in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, a huge model of an ancient  Chinese-style boat, and the court is decorated with drawings of dragons and famous Chinese  inscriptions. 

  1. Egypt Court

Pharaonic civilization with its pharaonic drawings and inscriptions, you will find it everywhere  around you. You will not feel that you are in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, but you will feel as if  you are in one of the ancient Egyptian Souks. 

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Egypt Court

  1. Andalusia Court

Do not be afraid of seeing the lions in the middle of the Andalusia Court in Ibn Battuta Mall,  Dubai. Everything you will see in this Court is inspired by the famous Andalusian monuments,  including the Lions Fountain in the Alhambra Palace. You will also see the vaults at the  entrances to the doors that embody the famous Andalusian architecture. 

  1. Tunis Hall

One of the most prominent things to see in Tunis Court in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is the  colorful mosaic tiles that you find in the windows and on the walls, which embodies the  Tunisian civilization in the Middle Ages. 

  1. Persia Court

Prepare yourself to see the most wonderful Islamic inscriptions and decorations in blue,  turquoise and beige colors, which reflect the arts of Persian decor, as you will pass through a  long court vaulted ceiling and decorated with typical copper chandeliers of Persia. 

Recreational activities in Ibn Battuta Mall 

Here is a guide on Ibn Battuta Mall for the most important things to do in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai: Cinema in Ibn Battuta Mall 

1- Novo Cinemas

Through 21 screens, you will enjoy the latest international and Arab films. Do not miss the  experience of watching films in the 7 Stars halls, which are offered by Novo Cinemas, and also  enjoy the experience of watching IMAX films. 

Novo Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema at China Court working hours starts at 10:00am. 

Novo cinema ticket prices 

  • 2D films: 35 AED. 
  • 3D films: 50 AED. 
  • IMAX films: 60 AED. 
  • Movies in 7-star halls: 150 AED. 

2- Fun City – Kids Activities Centre 

One of the most important things you will find on your tour is the Fun City Corner in Ibn  Battuta Mall, Dubai. It is a corner that offers interactive educational fun for kids with all safety  means, so that every mother can enjoy a relaxing session while watching the happiness on the  faces of her kids while they play in Fun City Ibn Battuta Mall, where the following games are  available: 

Fun Learn Corner, which aims to activate the child’s kinetic and social interaction with  everything and everybody around him. 

Play Area, which is the real fun for children, because of its many active games such as jumping, swinging and climbing, and it is a highly secured area. 

Fun City at Andalusia Court opens its doors daily to visitors from 10:00am. 

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Fun City 

3- Sing and Swing Training Centre 

Immerse your children in a truly unique singing and dancing experience tailored just for  children here at Sing N Swing Dubai Music Centre. With sessions that focus on the children, families and friends, it is one of the best places to go with kids. They aim at not only singing  and dancing but also at raising the self-confidence and eliminating fear barriers that can hinder  young children if not treated at the beginnings. 

The sessions take place in groups which motivate the little ones to work hand in hand with  others, thus improving teamwork skills. . The dancing and singing classes have the ability to 

improve the motor skills in their young bodies while the physical exertion will help build a  healthy body.  

You will find the Sing and Swing Centre in China Court, daily from 10:00am. 

4- Switch Bowling 

Everything you are looking for from family entertainment or with your friends, you will find it  at Switch Bowling at Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai. 

There you will find  

  • Bowling alley 
  • Six pool tables 
  • Three karaoke halls  
  • A special corner for parties and birthdays. 

Enjoy the experience of competition with your friends in Switch Bowling, which opens daily at  10:00am, and you can find it in India Court.  

5- Chuck E Cheese 

Chuck E Cheese with its variety of interactive arcade and video games, play areas and fresh  food is one of the most important areas of the mall, which provides safe entertainment for kids of all ages, with the availability of more than 80 different games, with daily live shows. 

Enjoy the experience of playing with your children at Chuck E Cheese at Ibn Battuta Mall daily  from 10:00am, and you will find it in China Court.  

The most important shops and stores in Ibn Battuta Mall 

Enjoy shopping experience from one of the courts of Ibn Battuta Mall, which will impress you  with the splendor of the colors and decorations. You will feel as if you travelling to another  county. 

To know more about the most important shopping stores and brands in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai follow us below: 

  1. Perfume and cosmetics shops in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

The finest original perfumes you will definitely find in one of the following Ibn Battuta Mall  stores in Dubai:

  • Yves Rocher, at India Court. 
  • Arabian Oud, at Egypt Court. 
  • Mac, at Persia Court. 
  1. Fashion and accessories stores in Ibn Battuta Mall

Accessories is complement of elegance and this is what you will find in many fashion and  accessories stores in Ibn Battuta Mall, including: 

  • Just Accessories, at Egypt Court. 
  • New look for accessories, at India Court. 
  • Wallis women’s fashion, at Persia Court. 
  • G-Star Raw women’s fashion, at China Court. 
  • Gio Ferrari men’s fashion, at Persia Court. 
  • Pullman men’s fashion, at India Court. 
  • Magrabi Glasses, at China Court. 
  1. Children’s toy stores

You cannot forget the gift corner, which you can find in children’s toy stores in Ibn Battuta  Center Dubai, which helps you develop your child’s skills through many educational and  entertaining games that you will find in:. 

  • Toy Station, at Egypt Court. 
  • My Toy, at Egypt Court. 
  • Early Learning Centre, at Tunis Court. 
  • The Little Gym, at Persia Court. 
  1. Electronics shops in Ibn Battuta Mall

You can buy the latest brands of mobile phones and technological appliances by visiting the  electronic store in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, including: 

  • Sharaf DJ, at China Court. 
  • Technology Babel, at Andalusia Court. 
  • Sharaf Digital, at Egypt Court.

Ibn Battuta Mall Restaurants  

We will not talk about the best restaurant in Ibn Battuta Mall because there are many among the  most famous restaurants in Dubai. You will find 50 eateries in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, which vary in  serving fast food, international and Arabic dishes. Whatever you are looking for from your  favorite food, you will find it in Ibn Battuta Mall restaurants and cafes. . And when you arrive  at the Food Court, you will find many international restaurants such as: 

  • KFC 
  • Pizza Hut. 
  • Taco de Casa. 
  • Sushi Counter 

As for lovers of oriental and international dishes, they can sit in one of the following restaurants  of Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai: 

  • Zaatar w Zeit restaurant specialized in Levantine dishes, you can find it in China Court. • India Palace Restaurant specializes in unique Indian dishes and you can find it in China Court. • Al Arrab Restaurant for lovers of Arabic dishes, you can find it in Persia Court. • Cinnabon specializing in sweets can be found in Tunis Court.  

Meet your friends or get comfortable after a long inspection tour in a special place such as Ibn  Battuta Mall, you will need to sit in one of the cafes, and this is what you find spread  throughout the mall, including:. 

  • PappaRoti Café, you will find it in Egypt Court. 
  • Jamaica Blue Café you will find it in Tunis Court. 
  • Starbucks Café you will find in Persia, Tunisia and China Courts. 
  • Michael Covey, you’ll find him in India Court.  

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Restaurants  

Hotels near Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai 

Are you looking for the best hotels in Dubai? We offer you a group of hotels close to Ibn  Battuta Mall, all of which are up to the standard of luxury accommodation, including:. 

  1. Premier Inn

  • The Premier Inn is a three-star hotel, with 372 rooms, and is directly connected to Ibn Battuta  Mall, and its location is ideal for many vital areas.
  • It is only 300 meters from Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai. 
  • Close to Ibn Battuta station. 
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club is about 3 km away. 
  • Al Maktoum International Airport is 18 km away 
  1. Movenpick Hotel

The Mövenpick Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. It is a five-star hotel, with  396 rooms. It is an ideal accommodation for planners to visit the most important tourist places  in Dubai, and is characterized by its proximity to these areas: 

  • Dubai International Airport is 30 minutes away. 
  • Al Maktoum International Airport is 15 minutes away. 
  • Mall of the Emirates is 10 minutes away. 
  • Ibn Battuta metro station is 8 minutes away 
  1. Rove Dubai Marina Hotel

Rove Dubai Marina Hotel, a three-star hotel, is the right place for visitors looking for a place  close to all the vital areas, as it is close to: 

  • Dubai Marina. 
  • Al Maktoum International Airport. 
  • Marina Mall. 
  • Jumeirah Beach 

Services at Ibn Battuta Mall 

Besides all the fun things that the mall has to offer there is a comprehensive set of services at  Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai that you can avail. 

  • Valet parking 
  • Paid shuttle service 
  • ATM facility 
  • Wheelchairs 
  • Car wash services 
  • Prayer rooms
  • Baby changing rooms 
  • Currency exchange 
  • Personal emergency assistance 

Ibn Battuta Mall Timings:  

Ibn Battuta Mall opening hours: 

  • Daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm. 

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays work continues until 12:00am.

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Contact Number:


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