What does the interpreter do in conference interpreting?

Conference interpreting is a specialized field of translation which allows communication between people of different languages. An interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying, and translates it back accurately in the target language, while maintaining the integrity of the speaker message. There are different types of conference interpreting services in Dubai. Let’s take a closer look on what Interpreting Company in Dubai can provide for your conference, and explain the difference between translation and interpretation.

Is it Translation or Interpretation?

In the field of language services, people refer to almost every service as Translation. In fact, this is a common misconception, as Interpretation is a live service that happens in the moment; interpreters translate spoken language. Translation service dubai is related to written contexts; translators translate the written words. Understanding the differences between these linguistic fields is crucial when choosing the service you need. Both professions require different types of training, deep linguistic understanding and knowledge of subject matter.

Are there types of interpreting services in Dubai?

There are two types of interpretation: simultaneous and consecutive. Consecutive is when the interpreter listens to the speaker, and then will wait until the speaker pauses to begin relaying back in the target language. Simultaneous interpretation happens in when the speaker talks and the conference interpreter relays the content to the audiences at the same time. An interpreter’s resources are experience, and a good memory.

Why can’t we use the term conference translators?

Well, we use the term interpreter to avoid creating confusion of roles. A translator work with a conference would be in the translation of documents into other languages.  While the interpreter is the person who is relaying the speaker’s talk to the audiences so they can understand what’s being said.

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What does the interpreter do in a conference?

Interpreters in Dubai work on events involving live translation: Conferences and meetings, medical appointments, live TV coverage, etc. In conferences, the interpreter listens to the speaker and relays the talk in the required language; known as the target language. Throughout the conference, audiences wear headsets to listen to the speech in their own language. The interpreters have their equipment as well. Interpreter conference equipment includes:

  • FM radios or infrared communications
  • Microphones
  • Headsets
  • Control unit

How can we help?

When choosing a conference interpreter in Dubai, professionalism, experience, and skill play a major role in your selection.  At Alsun, we provide interpreting services in Dubai through professional and experienced interpreters ready to speak in over 50 languages. Providing Language services is our business, and making conferences work is our mission. Get in touch for a quote to guarantee successful conference.

We provide high quality interpretation services in Dubai for projects including but not limited to:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Medical appointments
  • Business appointments
  • legal proceedings
  • live TV coverage
  • Sign language and more.

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