Best Indian restaurant in Dubai 2022: locations – menu – prices

Indian cuisine is characterized by providing different spicy flavors, which gives the food a  wonderful and delicious taste that makes it different from other dishes and foods. Here are the  best Indian restaurant in Dubai that are characterized by serving famous Indian food and dishes  such as Biryani, grilled meat, tandoor, and many other delicious dishes. 

Best Indian restaurant in Dubai 

India Palace  

India Palace Restaurant is considered one of the oldest and best North Indian restaurants in India,  and it has several branches in Ibn Battuta Mall, JBR Walk, and Al Marsa Walk in Festival City  Center. 

The list of dishes at India Palace Restaurant includes the best and most delicious dishes of Indian  cuisine such as biryani, curry, kebab, and a variety of vegetarian dishes. 

It is considered the best Indian restaurant in Dubai in terms of the interior design of the  restaurant, which is characterized by a great deal of Indian luxury and the walls are covered with  dark wood panels that are handcrafted. 

Tel: 042869600 

india palace dubai mall

The Bombay 

The Bombay Indian Restaurant is located in the Marco Polo Hotel in Deira, Dubai and is  considered the best cheap Indian restaurant in Dubai and on the list of top Indian restaurants in  Dubai. It has a classic Indian décor that makes dining in this restaurant an unforgettable  experience. 

The Bombay Restaurant offers the most delicious Indian food to its lovers in Dubai, prepared by  a team of professional chefs using the best and finest ingredients with distinctive Indian décor. 

The restaurant also holds an impressive range of concerts by artists from all over the world. Tel: 042720002 

Masti Restaurant 

This unique restaurant occupies a privileged location near the beach and it is the best choice for  late dinners and enjoy the festive ambiance at the weekend, as it one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Dubai. Masti Restaurant has all the elements of fine restaurants, a variety of 

exceptional and exotic options, wonderful dishes, as well as live music performances most of the  time. 

Location: La Mer 

For reservations and more information: 048726008  

Armani/Amal Restaurant 

One of the best Indian restaurant in Dubai with a charming location in Burj Khalifa, if you are  looking for the best Indian restaurant to celebrate birthday in Dubai, it is the best choice.

Its menu includes an impressive selection of curries, grills and vegetarian dishes as it is one of the  best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, all presented in a luxurious and distinctive way.

The  most famous dishes are: veggie platter, chicken tikka, lentil pancakes, spiced kebabs and Dal  makhani. Cost: 100-500 AED per dish. And it works from 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm 

It is elegantly decorated by unique designs, its sandstone floor, custom-made furniture and zebra  wood paneling. This makes Armani Amal Restaurant an ideal destination and best Indian restaurant to celebrate birthday in Dubai and for weddings. As well as the innovative gourmet  menus prepared by the chef. 

Location: 3rd Floor, Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa 

Contact: 04 888 3666 

Armani/Amal Restaurant 

Little Miss India Restaurant 

Since its opening in 2017, this distinguished restaurant has maintained its position among the best  Indian restaurant in Dubai, and offers a wonderful selection of Indian appetizers, such as paneer  tikka and spinach masala, along with traditional Indian dishes of chicken and meat. 

Location: Fairmont Dubai The Palm 

For reservations and more information: 044573457 

Mint Leaf of London 

The Dubai branch of this world-famous restaurant offers the same level of services as its main  branch in London, in addition to the magnificent views of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, skyscrapers of the  Dubai, International Financial Centre. Best Indian dishes are prepared in an amazing way, from  vegetarian dishes and healthy organic vegetables to meat. Such as: stuffed portobello mushrooms,  malai corn cake, garlic-cooked vegetables, grilled tandoor paneer, biryani, kebabs, butter chicken.  Average cost: 250 AED for two people. Indisputable it is the most luxurious and best Indian restaurant in Dubai.

Working hours:  

Monday, Thursday and Friday: 12:00 pm – 02:00 am 

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 12:00 pm – 01:00 am 

Location: 15th Floor, South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC 


Bombay Brasserie 

Bombay Brasserie is known for its refined hospitality, following the old Indian saying (guests are  a form of gods). Its employees do their best to provide a high level of services, and it serves  many well-known Indian dishes with great care. Rated as the best Indian restaurant in Dubai 

Most famous dishes: chicken tikka, lentil pancakes and spiced kebabs 

Average cost: 400 AED for two people 

Working hours:  

Saturday – Thursday: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm 

Friday: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm and 06:00 pm – 11:30 pm 

Location: Taj Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Khalifa Street, Business Bay 

Contact: 04 438 3222 

Bombay Brasserie

Rang Mahal 

Another restaurant in the list of the best Indian restaurant in Dubai is Rang Mahal. Taste the  award-winning masterpieces of Indian cooking. This luxurious restaurant is distinguished by its  elegant design, from its artistic murals to its ornate columns. 

Most famous dishes: Shrimp curry, meat masala, avocado kebabs, punjabi chicken tikka and  lasooni jinga.  

Average cost: 350 AED for two people 

Working hours: 06:00 pm – 11:30 pm 

Location: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel 

Contact: 04 414 3000


Patiala is one of the most affordable Indian restaurants in Dubai. It offers many delicious Indian  dishes, sweets and refreshing drinks. 

Most famous dishes: tandoor tikka with mushrooms, vegetable kebab, corn tikki curry, crab,  tandoor pieces of meat and murgh dhaniya tikka 

Average cost: starts from 35 AED per dish 

Working hours: daily, 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm 

Location: 3rd Floor, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai 

Contact: 04 451 9151 


Trèsind Restaurant is known for its continuous and ever-evolving development. The visitor lives  a distinct experience of tasting the food and the various flavors prepared by the chef with great  care and perfection.  

Most famous dishes: guacamole, bibimbap biryani, keema dosa, tandoor chicken and morel  lababdar. 

Average cost: 375 AED for two people 

Working hours: daily, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 07:00 pm – 11:30 pm 

Location: 2nd Floor, Voco Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai World Trade Center Contact: 0440 308 04 

Indego by Vineet 

This restaurant is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Dubai, with a team headed by the  Michelin-starred chef, Vineet Bhatia. The dishes of this restaurant include a wide range of  seafood. 

Most famous dishes: shrimp with coriander and sesame, oyster dish with olive oil and saffron,  and Gucci meat korma. 

Average cost: 500 AED for two people 

Working hours : Daily, 07:00 pm – 12:00 am 

Location: Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina 

Contact: 04 317 6000

Indego by Vineet

Farzi Cafe 

A contemporary style Indian Café located in Dubai, its Indian cuisine is distinguished by its  diversity of flavours, where its innovative dishes are prepared with traditional cooking methods  and ingredients. 

Famous dishes: chicken Mulligatawny soup, caramelized Shrimp, dal chawal arancini, bombay  pilaf and raj kachori 

Average cost: 325 AED for two people 

Working hours: Daily, 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM 

Location: Building No. 5, Dubai City Walk 2 

Contact: 056892012 

Best south Indian restaurant in Dubai 

There are many best South Indian restaurants in Dubai serving authentic and popular Indian  dishes. and the best South Indian restaurants in Dubai are characterized by their relaxed and calm  environment, the list of Best south Indian restaurant in Dubai including: 

  • Sangeetha\ Vegetarian 
  • Saravana Bhavan\ Vegetarian 
  • Calicut Paragon 
  • Aryaas 

best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai 

Indian restaurants are the perfect choice if you follow a vegetarian diet, or even if you want to try  vegetarian food. Top Indian restaurants in Dubai offer a wide variety of options for vegetarians,  including delicious main dishes, as well as various salads. It also provides dishes and foods  suitable for those who suffer from wheat allergy. The list of best Indian vegetarian restaurants in  Dubai including:  

  • Rangoli 
  • Raosa Gar 
  • Maharaja Bhog 
  • Gharana Indian 
  • Annapoorna
  • MyGovinda’s: best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, 
  • Sai Dham 

With this, we have collected the best Indian restaurant in Dubai with all their options from best  Indian restaurant in Dubai, best south Indian restaurant in Dubai, best Indian restaurant to  celebrate birthday in Dubai to best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai

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