Driving school offers in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai imposes strict laws when it comes to driving and road safety. The first of these conditions is that you should be qualified to drive, by obtaining an official driving certificate within the country, which can be obtained after undergoing several tests at a driving school in Dubai.

It should be noted that you should not drive without a license or with an expired license, so as not to expose yourself to legal liability.

Here you will find the best Driving school offers in Dubai.

There are many approved driving schools in Dubai by the roads and transport authority (RTA) including Emirates Driving Institute, Belhasa Centre, Dubai Driving Centre and many more.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Beginners and those who do not have any driving experience, must undergo a minimum of twenty hours of training.
  • For trainees who have driving certificates from their origin country, which lasts between 2 and 5 years, they must take 15 hours of training, and people with driving certificates of more than 5 years have to undergo about 10 hours.
  • Trainees from the Gulf Cooperation Council with a driving license do not need any training, and can directly undergo the theory test and what follows.

Required documents

  • The original Emirates ID
  • Valid UAE residency
  • A valid driver’s license from the home country (if any).
  • Permit letter from the sponsorship

Top driving schools in Dubai

1- Emirates Driving Institute

Emirates Driving Institute is the largest and the most famous driving institute in Dubai and the

Middle East and has been operating since 1991, and is a member of Belhasa Group of

Companies, the school provides training courses on obtaining a driving license with about 500 trained male and female instructors and training vehicles.

Emirates Driving Institute prices

1- Fees for opening the authority’s file + issuing a learning permit + authority’s booklet: 510 AED. 2- The registration fee at the institute is 575 AED.

  • Simulation training (20-hour system) 100 AED.
  • Fees for lectures – 1000 – 1300 AED.
  • The trial test is 250 AED..
  • Parking check – 310 – 350 AED.
  • preparation for the examination fee is 50 AED.
  • Road test – 310 – 510 AED.
  • Knowledge test – 310 – 460 AED.
  • License issuance fees – 420 – 460 AED.
  • Training fees for a 20-hour, 2400 AED manual, and 2600 AED automatic.
  • Training fees for a 15-hour, 1800 AED manual and 1950 AED automatic.
  • Training fees for a 10-hour, 1200 AED manual and 1300 AED automatic.
  • Training fees for a 20-hour – at night is 2600 AED manual and 2800 AED automatic. 15- Training fees for a 15-hour – at night, 1950 AED manual and 2,100 AED automatic.
  • Training fees for a 10-hour – at night is 1300 AED manual and 1400 AED automatic.
  • Fees for the training course on Fridays – 15/20/10 hours 3800/2850/1900 AED.
  • Shift system training course fees – 10/15/20 hours: 4200/3150/2100 AED. 19- Golden Training Course Fees – 10/15-20 hours: 13200/9900/6600 AED.

The unlimited package is 10,800 AED for automatic vehicles and 12,600 AED for manual.

  • Motorcycle: 4,605 AED for regular training
  • Buses training: heavy bus- 4,965 AED for 20 hours \  light bus: 5,285 AED for 20 hours
  • Truck: 5,605 AED for 20 hours
  • Timings: 8:15 AM – 11:00 PM (Saturday to Thursday) / Friday: 7:15 AM – 4:00 PM

Offer in driving school in Dubai driving school offers in Dubai are various  here are the best offers at Emirate Driving institute

  • Driving school offers in Dubai 40% off for Homat Al Watan
  • Driving school offers in Dubai fixed price course for families of UAE Martyrs
  • Driving school offers in Dubai 50% off on desert course with The Entertainer
  • Driving school offers in Dubai upto 15% with Emirates Platinum card holder
  • Driving school offers in Dubai 40% off for Esaad card holder 6- Driving school offers in Dubai 15% off for Fazaa card holder.

Emirates Driving Institute

2- Belhasa Driving Center

Belhasa Driving Center, which opened its doors in 2001, and hosts several branches spread across several regions within the Emirate, including Dubai Silicon Oasis, making it easily accessible for residents. This center offers driving lessons for cars, motorcycles, buses and forklifts.

Things to know about Belhasa Driving centre 

  • If you want to get a motorcycle license, you have to train 40 hours for beginners, and 15-20 hours for experienced drivers who have a valid driving license.
  • You must attend 2-3 sessions per week.
  • The silver or gold package allows its owner to attend 4-5 sessions per week.  At Belhasa Driving Center, the “VVIP” package is available, which gives several advantages, including:
    • Lectures are available online or can be attended in a separate lecture hall in the center
    • You can choose the location of the practical driving training
    • Training is provided in luxury cars such as a Range Rover or Mercedes• You can also choose the location of the Roads and Transport Authority RTA test according to the applicant’s convenience
    • You needn’t to go to the centre for the test, as the supervisors “Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), or Belhasa” will go to the location chosen by the applicant previously.
  • Timings: Al Quoz district: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Saturday to Thursday) / Al Wasl district:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Saturday to Thursday) / Nad Al Hamar district: 7:00 AM – 11:00 00 pm (Saturday to Thursday)

Fees at Belhasa Driving Centre

  • Cars: 2,520 AED for 20 hours
  • Motorcycles: 1890 AED for 15 hours, 1008 AED for 8 hours
  • Buses: light buses 1,575 AED for 10 hours / heavy buses 3,360 AED for 20 hours
  • Trucks: 3,990 AED for 20 hours, 2,992 AED for 15 hours
  • Forklifts: (heavy lifts) 3,780 AED for 20 hours, (light lifts) 2,100 AED for 20 hours

Driving school in Dubai offers Belhasa, 

Driving school offers in Dubai Belhasa are various

Here are the best offers for valued customers

  • STUDENTS OFFER: Register now with your college or school ID and enroll for the Shifting and VIP Package to get 25% discount on practical driving plus
  • SPECIAL DHA OFFER: Open the file and get 25% off on theory and driving classes. For Government Organization overseeing the health system of Dubai, All Doctor, Nurses and all the staff will be eligible for the special
  • RAK BANK CUSTOMER OFFER: Limited Time Offer
  • FAZAA CARD OFFER: Limited Time Offer Up to 30 % off on Classes

Belhasa Driving Center

3- Dubai Driving Center 

As a company, that believes in simple “core values” to provide excellent services and innovation in training, for this purpose, their senior trainers, buildings, training materials and methods have been certified by the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Ro.SPA) enabling them to equip all their trainers with advanced skills to train drivers.

Dubai Driving Center was opened in 2003 to achieve the vision of “Safe Driving through Professional Training” and to help its customers become safe and considerate drivers.

Dubai Driving Center has a wide range of training programs to suit your needs, from beginners or experienced drivers who want to update their skills, to commercial drivers who want to drive trucks and buses.

Dubai Driving Center fees

  • Light cars (regular or automatic): 4,660 AED for 28 hours
  • Motorcycles: 3,420 AED for 23 hours
  • Forklifts: 3,580 AED for 24 hours
  • Trucks: 4,960 AED for 28 hours

Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center

Here are the best driving school offers in Dubai Driving Center

  • Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center for EMIRATES ISLAMIC BANK CARD DISCOUNT
  • Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center for AL SAADA \ Special Discounts − for Al Saada Cardholders
  • Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center \ Exclusive discounts for UAE residents holding valid Korooti membership cards
  • Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center \ Special Discounts for Emirates NBD Debit & Credit Card holder
  • Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center \ Special Discounts for ADCB Staff and Customers Debit or Credit Card holder

Dubai Driving Center

Offer in driving school in Dubai Driving Center \ Exclusive Discounts for Aster DM Healthcare Employees and Aster Secure Loyalty Card Holder.

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