Jumeirah Beach Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

The Jumeirah Beach is located in Dubai, specifically in Jumeirah district. It is considered  one of the ideal beaches in Dubai for swimming and spending the most beautiful times and  tourism in Dubai. This beach includes professional lifeguards, shower facilities, bathrooms,  jogging, and there are also places for snacks and drinks. 

Jumeirah Beach is also called “White Sands Beach”. It is a very wonderful beach overlooking the  Arabian Gulf, which is connected to the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi  Arabia and Iran as well. 

Jumeirah Open Beach extends along the southern coast of the United Arab Emirates from the  historical area of the city to the Palm Jumeirah and ends between the southern end of the port  facilities in Jebel Ali and up to the Jumeirah Beach Residence “next to the Dubai Marina  district.” 

Jumeirah Public Beach Dubai is characterized by the presence of luxury hotels such as Burj Al  Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, resorts such as Wild Wadi WaterPark, shopping complexes  and the old-fashioned Madinat Jumeirah. Jumeirah Beach “which starts from the neighborhoods  and areas from the southern edge of Karama to the Palm Jumeirah station in the Knowledge  Village. 

Jumeirah Beach

Things to do in the Jumeirah Beach  

All you have to do to enjoy the warm sunshine is visiting the Jumeirah Public Beach. It is  one of the most ideal beaches and best places in Dubai for spending great times and also  for swimming at most times of the year, as it includes many shower facilities and  bathrooms also professional lifeguards. 

It provides the opportunity for all residents of the area, citizens and residents, to enjoy  jogging on the sand, swimming in the sea, or even just staying on the beach and relaxing,  especially with the availability of many places for drinks and snacks. 

On the shores of Jumeirah Public Beach Dubai, there is a wonderful beach cinema that  shows movies suitable for families with facilities that allow changing clothes and using  chairs and umbrellas, in addition to prayer areas in addition to children playing areas,  sports equipment, toilets, and security and guard are spread along the beach to prevent  accidents or any other moral or security problems 

Enjoy cycling around the beach and running on the track. The beach has a 1.8 km track you  can cycle or run to have fun and relive your childhood days. The experience is exciting for  both adults and kids, so get your children’s cycles along to burn some extra calories while  sunning yourself at the beach. 

Jumeirah Public Beach Timings:  

24 hours, but swimming allowed only till sunset 

Jumeirah Public Beach Location 

Jumeirah Beach is located at first area of Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, near Bu Qtair,  Four Seasons Jumeirah Resort etc 


Getting to the Jumeirah Open Beach is an easy feat. Get on Sheikh Zayed Road till you reach Al  Thanya Street. Continue to 2 C Street. 

Jumeirah Beach

Entry fee at Jumeirah Public Beach  

Entry at the beach is free for everyone, but food and drinks aren’t allowed to be entered,  especially with the availability of many areas for selling whatever you want and desire, and by  the way it is also one of the beaches open to the public around the clock.

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