Dubai Hills Mall Restaurants 2022 – CZN Burak Burger – Tulum and more

In this article, we will highlight the best Dubai Hills Mall restaurants, which offer different types of food.

Dubai Hills Mall is one of the most famous malls in Dubai and includes many entertainment and service facilities for visitors, including shops, where it includes more than 600  stores, in addition to cafes, restaurants and cinemas, as well as an adventure park for young  children, which includes many different games to spend a fun time inside, the mall also provides  all the family’s needs from home furnishings, cosmetics, perfumes, bags, shoes, children’s  clothing, and women’s and men’s clothing. 

Dubai Hills Mall Restaurants

Dubai Hills Mall Restaurants  

CZN Burak Burger Restaurant 

Burak the Turkish chef has opened a new branch in Dubai Hills Mall. This branch is  distinguished by its capacity for more than 100 people at one time, including 75 indoor and 25  outdoor seats, in addition to its warm and comfortable design, as well as the menu that includes  many dishes from Chef Burak, the most famous of which is Angus beef sausage, Black Angus  Beef, Kofta, And Many Vegetarian Varieties, and Chef Burak’s Oreo Shake. 

CZN Burak Burger Restaurant

Wagamama Restaurant 

The restaurant serves delicious Japanese, Thai and Asian dishes, among the special dishes served  inside are crispy duck slices, chicken skewer, chicken skewer with spicy teriyaki sauce,  vegetarian yasai pad thai, yasai yaki vegan, Tochigi yellow curry shrimp, katsu curry, and more in addition to the kids menu, as well as fresh juices, toppings and soft drinks. 

Shake Shack Restaurant 

One of the most prominent Dubai Hills Mall restaurants is Shake Shack, which is famous for its  distinctive ambiance, in addition to serving many dishes prepared from high-quality ingredients.  it prepares the classic American burger with its own touch, and one of the most famous types of  burgers is Chicken Shack, which is a piece of crispy chicken breast with pickles and sauce with  herbs, in addition to burger which is prepared from Angus beef. It owns branches in Dubai Hills  Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, First Avenue Mall, in addition to its branch in Jumeirah Beach.

Miyabi Sushi Restaurant 

If you a Japanese food lover, do not miss visiting Miyabi Sushi Restaurant in Dubai Hills Mall,  which is one of the best Dubai Hills Mall restaurants. It serves sushi dishes in addition to  Japanese noodles and other various foods. It is characterized by indoor and outdoor seating, in  addition to the fast and excellent services, and the original distinctive taste. The restaurant is  very suitable for families and kids as well. And among best dishes that are served are tori  kimchi, beef guzzi, and volcano shrimp. 

Miyabi Sushi Restaurant

Five Guys 

One of the best Dubai Hills Mall restaurants is Five Guys Restaurant, where the tenth branch  was opened in the United Arab Emirates within Dubai Hills Mall, with an area of more than  3,400 feet and can accommodate more than 90 people at once. The restaurant also serves many  types of food, including sausages and grilled cheese sandwiches, in addition to beef burgers, as  well as sandwiches suitable for vegetarians, and fried potatoes, and one of the most important  features of this restaurant is the opportunity for visitors to choose from many ways to prepare  burgers with 14 free additions, it opens daily from 10:00 am to 12:00 am. 

Tulum Restaurant 

One of the best and most famous Dubai Hills Mall restaurants, expected to open soon, is Tulum  Restaurant, which serves the most delicious Mexican cuisine and is characterized by a very  friendly and helpful staff. In addition, the restaurant is suitable for individuals, families and kids.  It serves: guacamole, shrimp, lamb tacos, tortilla soup, as well as pizza and seafood, and much  more. 

Tulum Restaurant


One of the best restaurants in Dubai Hills Mall is KFC, which is one of the most famous fast  food restaurants specializing in providing chicken with its own mixture and crispy. among the  most popular meals served are Super Bucket, Super Dinner, and Supreme Twist. 

Pizza Hut  

One of the most famous restaurants in Dubai Hills Mall is Pizza Hut, it is characterized by the  delicious taste of pizza and its additions, and serves many flavors to suit different people 

Here we come to the end of the article about the best Dubai Hills Mall restaurants.

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