Best activities at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is one of the most important Dubai Desert  Reserves and one of the largest nature reserves in the United Arab Emirates. It is divided into  3 different sections dedicated to recreational desert trips, an area that allows visitors to walk,  and a closed area where entry is not allowed. 

Things to know about Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Here in this article the most important Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve information. It is  located in the heart of the Dubai desert on the Dubai-Al-Ain road, 60 km from the Emirate of  Dubai, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Dubai.  

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a safe haven for wildlife in the Arabian Peninsula,  including animals, birds and plants at risk, including deer and oryx, in addition to lizards, and  birds, and there are many desert plants that cover their area naturally, in addition to the  afforestation programs carried out by the professional team in the resort of Dubai Desert  Conservation reserve, a group of plants that adapt to the desert environment were planted. 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve includes the most important and rare plants, as well as the  most prominent endangered animals such as the Arabian deer, wild cats, hedgehogs, bats, and  so on. The place is also a tourist attraction in Dubai and offers an excellent opportunity to  practice many activities, such as 4×4 driving, falconry, horse riding and sand boarding or  visiting the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve National Park. 

Best things to do at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

There are many recreational activities available while visiting Dubai Desert Conservation  Reserve makes you feel that you have gone back in time, as all aspects of life in it are simple  and primitive, far from the urban hustle and bustle, we promise you a unique experience by  practicing one of the tourism activities in the largest wilderness protected area in the United  Arab Emirates. 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

1- Falconry (hunt by hawks) 

We advise visitors to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to watch the falconry shows and  listen to some information about the different species of falcons, whether basic in the reserve  or migratory falcons. 

Watch the falcon as he communicates with the falcon he is training, you will be impressed by  their ability to communicate together, and the ability of falcons to hunt other animals and  birds

2- Sand boarding 

You can ski in the icy areas, but can you do the same activity in the desert!! 

Of course you can, with the hills and valleys of the desert and its golden sands, ride your  skateboard and jump from the top of a sandy hill and enjoy an exciting sand boarding  experience 

3- 4×4 Safari  

You can roam the desert with a professional guide by a 4×4 safari and ride over the sand  dunes at night in the steepest Dubai Desert Reserve. 

4x4 desert safari dubai

4- Free desert tour 

You can enjoy wandering in the desert valleys accompanied by an expert guide who will tour  you in the distinctive and safe areas at the outskirts and heart of the reserve. 

5- Camel ride 

Enjoying camel riding and slow walking on the sand dunes is one of the most enjoyable  activities in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 

camel ride dubai desert

6- Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Desert Safari 

Dive into the desert of Dubai and wander through its dunes, sand and hills with a guide  through recreational desert excursions, enjoy a Bedouin-style in the open air on the sand, and  be close to rare desert and wild animals and plants. 

Enjoy the parties that take place at night and watch the Bedouin dance to the rhythm of  famous Arabic music 

7- Balloon Ride 

The fun of visiting Dubai Wildlife Sanctuary is to ride a balloon and fly it high in the desert  sky. 

You will see the outskirts of the vast desert and notice the movement of animals, and birds  flying around you in a wonderful landscape that you will not forget throughout your life.

8- Archery with a bow 

One of the ancient war skills is good handling of the arrow and bow, as it is a way to entrap  prey and enemies. 

Enjoy the experience of this game that increases your ability to shoot at a distance with  arrows. 

9- Riding a motorbike 

It is not enough to roam in the desert with closed cars to get close to the wild life in the desert,  you can get closer and touch this life by touring the reserve using motorbike to walk on the  sand dunes 

10- Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Camping 

Fans of free tours and outdoor camping, you are on a date with an exciting adventure in Dubai  Desert Conservation Reserve. 

It includes places for camping and overnight stays in the desert in a furnished tent equipped  with all facilities and secured, accompanied by a professional Bedouin guide. 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Camping

Features of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

  • There are many features that make the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve worth a visit,  which was primarily aimed at protecting and preserving some endangered wildlife, as it is a  refuge for migratory wild birds from all over the world. 
  • You can live the atmosphere of the Bedouin life and mix with the desert and enjoy the  pure nature away from the noise. 
  • Be as close as possible to wild animals and take memorial photos for them. 
  • You can see rare birds and animals in the reserve, such as golden eagle, Arabian oryx  and white foxes.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Hotels 

If you are looking for Dubai hotels away from the noise and hustle of the city, and you want to  enjoy a comfortable and quiet stay in the midst of nature, search in the UAE hotel reservation  sites for hotels near the Dubai Wildlife Reserve, and you will find many options, including: 

  1. Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Enjoy a luxurious five-star stay at Al Maha Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which offers  elegant services with the opportunity to get as close as possible to the wild animals and the nature of Dubai desert. 

Resort Features 

  • Enjoy eating the most delicious Arabic food while sitting on the sand, and watching the clear  sky with its twinkling stars, at Al Diwan Restaurant. 
  • There are 42 Bedouin-style suites, and each suite has a private swimming pool. • Room decorations are due to the Arab Bedouin heritage, especially the Emirati. • There is a health club and spa centre, it is not within the resort itself. 

Al Maha Resort Location: 

  • It is only 45 minutes away from the heart of Dubai. 
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is 4.5 km away. 
  • Oryx Wildlife Sanctuary is 600 meters away. 
  • Al Maktoum Airport is 50 km away. 

2- Bab Al Shams Desert Resort – Dubai 

Those looking for a family stay in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve find at Bab Al  Shams Desert Resort and Spa their goal in terms of comfortable accommodation mixed with  some rural Bedouin atmosphere. 

Features of staying at the resort: 

  • An infinity-edge swimming pool and a covered kids’ pool. 
  • A kids club.
  • 4 different restaurants. 
  • All rooms are decorated in rustic style painted with desert colors. 

Bab Al Shams Resort Location  

  • It is only 10 km from Al Maktoum Airport. 
  • It is 45 minutes from Dubai Airport by car. 
  • Al Qudra Lakes, 2.5 km away. 
  1. Al Habtoor Polo Resort

Accommodation at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort is characterized by comfort and tranquility due  to the unique the location and its décor. 

It also offers luxury hotel villas that are fully furnished and equipped, as well as deluxe rooms  for a comfortable stay. 

Resort Features 

  • It has 5 different restaurants. 
  • It has 4 polo fields. 
  • It includes the famous Elixir Spa and Health Club. 

Al Habtoor Resort Location 

  • It is 25 minutes from the heart of Dubai. 
  • It is 35 minutes away from Dubai International Airport. 
  • Dubai Outlet Mall is 5 km away. 
  • IMG is 4.5 km away 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve location on Google Map 

Here is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Map 

The Dubai Desert Reserve is located 60 km from Dubai on Al Ain Road and is close to the Al  Maha Desert Resort.

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