The Best Restaurants in Mall Of Emirates in Dubai 2022

Have you ever been to Dubai? It’s a beautiful city that has so much to offer. One of the most popular things people do in Dubai is go shopping at Mall Of Emirates! In addition to the amazing shops there are many great restaurants there as well, and we’re going to share our favorites with you.

Best Restaurants in Mall Of Emirates in Dubai

Read on for more information about the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates! And for the best restaurants near mall of emirates.

Restaurants in Mall Of Emirates in Dubai

North 28

One of the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates is North 28. This amazing restaurant offers an incredible menu that has something for everyone to enjoy! The service at this place is top notch, and you’ll love all of their delicious dishes. For example, they have so many different kinds of oysters on hand which are sure to please any seafood lover out there! Everyone will find something here because no matter how picky someone may be they can’t resist the tasty food coming from North 28’s kitchen! It doesn’t get much better than wonderful cuisine surrounded by stylish decor; it really doesn’t get much more perfect than that.

Cafe Bateel

Another one of the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates is Cafe Bateel. This amazing restaurant has a menu that will knock your socks off! Some people come here for their desserts and others come to enjoy their main dishes but no matter what you’re going through this place will make you happy.

The food quality at Cafe Bateel is top notch, and we love all of their delectable items on the menu! There’s never an item too farfetched or out there because they use such high-quality ingredients; it really makes us smile while eating these tasty treats. You’ll definitely want to give them a try if you haven’t already had the chance! If not then don’t wait any longer before coming in to try their wonderful dishes.

Cafe Bateel Mall Of Emirates in Dubai

St Tropez Bistro

Another one of the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates is St Tropez Bistro. This place has an incredible menu that you’ll absolutely love! We highly recommend coming here with friends and family because everyone will find something they like on this fantastic menu.

The prices are great, the service is even better, and their food quality is top notch; what more could anyone ask for? You can easily spend hours enjoying everything this restaurant has to offer so by all means come hungry if you’re someone who loves good food! So no matter where you go there’s always a wonderful experience waiting at St Tropez Bistro. It’s worth it every time without fail!

Farzi Cafe

A modern Indian restaurant decorated with colorful neon lights, Farzi Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates. The menu serves cuisine that represents the multifaceted gastronomical traditions of India, combining both North and South Indian food to create unique flavors.

The restaurant has an extensive menu offering appetizers like Kashmiri pulao marinated lamb cooked in saffron basmati rice; main courses like bhatt ki chawal black pepper chicken cooked on hot stone with fried garlic, red onion and coriander over basmati rice; desserts like Kashmiri gulab jamun deep-fried dumplings soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup; drinks like ginger parsley mint cooler. And it also offers special Indian breads like butter naan, lachha paratha, and stuffed kulcha.

Din Tai Fung

Another one of the best restaurants in Mall Of Emirates is Din Tai Fung. This place has a menu that we’re sure you’ll love! The service here is top notch, and their food quality can’t be beat; it’s really like nothing else out there. They use such high-quality ingredients which makes us smile every time we eat something from this fantastic restaurant.

Everyone will find something to enjoy because they have so many different kinds of dishes on hand for people to try; if you haven’t been here yet then make plans now before someone beats you to the punch! You certainly don’t want to miss out on all these great foods so come by as soon as possible for your chance at trying them all! In addition to Chinese restaurants you can also visit other cultural restaurants like mall of emirates Indian restaurants and Japanese restaurant mall of emirates.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

Looking for some high quality fast food? Then 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza is the place to go! This fantastic Restaurants in Mall Of Emirates has a menu full of tasty items that everyone can enjoy. The prices are great, and their service is even better so you really don’t have any reason not to give this wonderful eatery a try today.

You’ll be able to find something for yourself on their incredible menu which will make it all worthwhile as soon as you take your first bite; come by as soon as possible before someone beats you at getting here!

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza
Best Restaurants in Mall Of Emirates

Gold Cafe

The Gold Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Mall of Emirates in Dubai. It has a great menu complemented by a great interior. The food items like spicy meatballs, spring rolls and chicken wings are some of the most ordered items on their menu.

The staff is decent and polite and they provides great service. The amazing thing is that the restaurant also has a lovely outdoor seating area which looks pretty amazing with its orange glow. There’s also some really good music playing inside which just makes the whole cafe incredible to be in. A must visit for all mall visitors!

Toast Cafe

Toast Cafe located in Mall of Emirates offers a great selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for people all across the world. So if you are in Dubai and looking for some good food, then simply go to Mall of Emirates, and visit the Toast Cafe. The ambiance of Toast Cafe is great, and it definitely draws a lot of people from all across Dubai to dine in. In terms of the food variety, you can choose anything – whether you want to go for Chinese, Continental or Arabic cuisine.

From fish to meat, from sea food to desserts, from appetizers to beverages – you will get everything at Toast Cafe. The staff members are friendly as well as professional and take complete care that your dining experience should be a memorable one. You will find a number of restaurants in Mall Of Emirates but if you want a real quality dining experience then certainly visit Toast Cafe located there.

Texas De Brazil

Known for its grilled food, this is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. It offers the best steak in Dubai. You can also find food being served on unique skewers. They are slow roasted over coal. It has an impressive salad buffet with different types of salads, hot appetizers and soups to choose from. There are also warm breads, cheese breads, fried polenta, tapioca balls and croutons.

The desserts include cakes, puddings, and chocolate truffles. The ambiance of this place is quite good along with the drink list. The servers are well informed about each dish at their menu card so you can rely on them for advice if you do not want anything too heavy or filling that may spoil your dinner.

Al Hallab restaurant In Mall of Emirates in Dubai

Al Hallab restaurant is an amazing foods place that serves both traditional and modern dishes. They strive to meet the needs of customers that want good food, value for money, excellent service and cheerful ambience.

Their menu includes appetizers such as hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and tabouleh salad and chicken kebabs; main courses like grilled meats like kafta (beef or lamb mince), lamb chops or shawarma (chopped marinated meat), beef, fish with rice; sandwiches; desserts like baklawa (pastry with nuts and honey syrup). The best part is they also provide many vegan choices. It is one of the best restaurants found in Mall of Emirates in Dubai.

Al Hallab restaurant In Mall of Emirates in Dubai

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Angelina Tearoom in Mall Of Emirates

It is a very popular destination for those looking for a unique restaurant in Dubai as it is an enchanting tea house offering delicious food and beverages as well as providing a stylish setting, with soft music and dainty furniture. It is a must go for those who are looking to experience the Dubai nightlife or even for those who want to enjoy an evening tea and snacks.

There are two menus available at Angelina Tearoom, one is for food and beverages while the other one serves only desserts. The beverage menu consists of freshly brewed teas, coffees along with juices and soft drinks whereas the main course menu includes all day brunch options including salads, sandwiches, pastas and curries. To appease guests during Ramadan fasting hours there is an assortment of healthy juices, milkshakes and light snacks. The dessert menu is available in both lunch and dinner hours.


Jollibee is definitely the best place to go to for you favorite fast food meal. They also take pride in other types of food like Italian. Their spaghetti which is one of their all-time best sellers is very delicious and loved by many. The range of items they have on their menu is very large which makes them the perfect restaurant for a family outing.

Also, Jollibee restaurant is very inviting which makes you want to stay for a little while after you are done with your meal. The service they provide is excellent because the staff are well trained and helpful. They also have clean rest rooms which make it easier for customers who would like to go there again without any reluctance.

Columbus Cafe

The food at Columbus Cafe is a remarkable place to say the least; their signature dish and top quality food has never failed to meet (and even exceed) expectations. The service there is beyond excellent, with an ever-smiling waiting staff keeping up with all the requests.

The environment and ambience are both great because it’s never very crowded, yet you still feel like you’re in the middle of the mall; plus, when there is a crowd (such as when we went last weekend), you won’t find them annoying or loud!


There are a lot of chances that your love for fried food started with KFC. KFC is one of the most recognized fast food restaurants in the world. It has a separate entrance from the rest of the mall enabling you to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi while enjoying your chicken.

What is more, it also has its own car park – perfect for KFC addicts who are visiting on their own! If this place was not enough they have also introduced an express service option which can be done either over the phone or online. This allows you to order your meal up to 24 hours before you want it ready for pick up at any time during opening hours, without having to wait half an hour in line after a long day. Believe it or not but this is one of the cheap restaurants in Mall of the emirates.

Papa John’s

Who doesn’t like Pizza? Papa John’s pizza is loved all over the world and Dubai isn’t far behind. One of the few international pizza joints in Emirates Mall, this shows how many people love Papa John’s so if you are looking to enjoy a fast food experience with an Italian touch in the Mall of Emirate then this is the place to go for. This restaurant is affordable, offers good quality food and is one of the best pizza joints in the world.

Bombay Chowpatty

Last but not the least, Bombay Chowpatty is another great restaurant. You’ll have to visit this place to know how good it actually is. The menu, the environment, and the quality of food everything is just great. It is a very affordable restaurant and perfect for a small family outing on the weekend. You can also visit with your colleagues and friends. It has everything a person can ask for in a restaurant.

These are just some of the amazing restaurants found in Mall of Emirates in Dubai. Everyone will find something they like on the menu. The prices are affordable, the services are even better, and their food quality is top notch; what more could you ask for? You can easily spend hours enjoying everything these restaurants have to offer. If you are looking for the top restaurants in Mall Of Emirates then look no further than the ones mentioned above.

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