Top companies for yacht rental in Dubai

Do you have a desire to rent a yacht in Dubai and enjoy watching the beautiful skyline of the city? Book a yacht charter in Dubai and take a cruise in the middle of the sea on board luxury yachts  and see the best tourist places in Dubai, such as Burj Al Arab and Palm Island. 

In order to enjoy your travel and tourism in Dubai’s areas and enjoy watching Burj Al Arab, we  have prepared a list of the best companies for yacht rental in Dubai for those who want to enjoy the  sea and do water activities through renting a yacht in Dubai at reasonable prices. 

yacht rental in Dubai

Best yacht charter companies in Dubai 

1- Xclusive Yacht Rental Company in Dubai 

Xclusive Yachting is the best yacht charter company in Dubai Marina. It includes a wide range of  luxury boats and yachts that suit everyone and accommodate many people, in addition to  organizing various events and meetings, and yacht rental service in Dubai with dinner to spend the  best cruise experience in Dubai. 

2- Columbus yacht and boat rental 

Columbus Yacht and Boat Rentals is a luxury yacht rental company in Dubai, offering a range of  luxury yachts that suit all special occasions such as birthdays and various parties, it’s the right option for party yacht rental in Dubai. The company is located in Umm Suqeim 2 in Dubai, inside  the fishermen port. 

3- Amwaj Al Bahar Boat and Yachts Chartering 

Amwaj Al Bahar Yacht Rental Company, located in the Jumeirah area, is one of the most famous  yacht rental centers in Dubai. If you are searching for a luxury yacht rental in Dubai, it’s the right  choice. It offers a group of the most luxurious and finest yachts in Dubai with high specifications  and equipped with all means of security and safety. The company also offers a yacht rental service  

in Dubai for two people in addition to organizing a trip Marine in Dubai with yachts full of  recreational activities such as fishing trips in Dubai.

yacht rental in Dubai
yacht rental in Dubai


4- Color of the Sea Yacht Company 

Color of the Sea is considered the best yacht rental in Dubai because of their excellence in the field  of yacht and boat rental and the provision of the best safety equipment. It also provides a Jet Ski rental service in Dubai with a specialized driving instructor. 

5- Elite Pearl Charter Boats for rent in Dubai 

One of the most important luxury yacht charter in Dubai marina, located on Sheikh Zayed Road in  Dubai. It also features the latest yacht rental service with its crew, who has many years of  experience in the field of sailing and sports activities. 

6- Superyacht Company 

If you want cheap yacht rental in Dubai, then Super Yacht is the right choice for you. The  company provides luxury yachts of various sizes to suit all occasions and trips at very special  prices that include the ship’s captain, crew, water, soft drinks and fishing gear. 

yacht rental in Dubai

7- Al Wasl Yachts Dubai  

Al Wasl Yachts is one of the best yacht charters in Dubai for parties and best company to rent a  yacht in Dubai new year party. It owns a variety of yachts and boats suitable for fishing trips and  private parties under the supervision of a distinguished crew with great experience in the field of  sailing and providing the highest safety rates. 

8- Easy Yachting 

Easy Yachting is one of the biggest yacht charter in Dubai which organizes many recreational  activities and special events such as birthdays and various parties for its customers, as it owns a  wide range of large and small yachts equipped with all safety equipment, and is one of the most  famous luxury yacht charter companies in Dubai. Also it is considered one of the cheapest yacht  rent in Dubai 

9- Gold’s Yachting Company 

Gold’s Yachting offers its customers the best experience of yacht trip in Dubai in Dubai with  dinner in Dubai marina, in addition to a variety of offers and options that suit everyone at cheap  cost of renting yachts in Dubai on board of luxury yachts with modern designs.

10- Xtreme Yacht Rental Dubai 

One of the best companies for chartering a yacht in Dubai and owns a variety of yachts and sailing  boats of various sizes and tasks, and it also organizes private cruises under the supervision of a  distinguished crew with extensive experience in the field of sailing. 

Best yacht charter in Dubai with dinner 

Seven Yachts – Yacht Charter 

One of the most famous yacht charter companies in Dubai, it owns a wide range of the most  luxurious yachts in Dubai, such as the 64-ft Daydream yacht and the 164-ft Benetti B yacht. Seven  Yachting also organizes many water activities in Dubai. 

If you are looking for a yacht rental company in Dubai with dinner, Seven Yachts is the right  choice for you, as the company has a professional staff to satisfy the tastes of customers and  provide all amenities. 

Nanje Yachts – Yacht Rental & Charter Dubai  

If you are looking for yachts for rent Dubai in the marina area, you should choose Nanje Yacht  Rental, where the distinguished services at the best prices on board a group of luxury yachts that  suit everyone. 

Royal Yachting Company 

Royal Yacht Company offers a yacht for rent in Dubai with dinner for two in a romantic  atmosphere in the middle of the sea, with many services and cruises in the middle of the sea at  reasonable prices on board luxury yachts characterized by classy design. 

How much to rent a yacht in Dubai? 

The prices of yacht rental in Dubai vary based on the size and type of yacht and the number of  people, as the prices of yacht trips start from 500 AED to 2,400 AED per hour.

Yacht sizes 

25 ft yacht for rent in Dubai marina accommodate nearly 8 people 44-ft yacht for rent in Dubai marina accommodate 12 people 50-ft yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 20 people 55-foot yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 23 people 62-foot yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 25 people 77-foot yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 40 people 88-foot yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 60 people 101-foot yacht for rent in Dubai accommodate 80 people

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