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Have you ever visited The Dubai Frame? Are you thinking of visiting the Emirate of Dubai  and do not know where to start your trip? We advise you to see Dubai with a distinctive  panoramic view by visiting the Dubai Frame. 

The Dubai Frame is one of must visit places in Dubai, which is located in Zabeel Park in  Dubai, it is one of Dubai’s most important landmarks, which offers a greatvview of Dubai,  due to its high altitude, and its privileged location in the middle of Dubai in Zabeel Park. 

The Dubai Frame is the largest frame in the world, and to know more information about the  Dubai Frame, where the idea of building it came from, how it was designed, the Dubai frame  inside and how to buy Dubai Frame tickets, follow us in our next article. 

Dubai frame Zabeel park jogging track Dubai 

Do you want to find a place to do morning exercise or to run? The Zabeel Park running track  is the answer to your needs! Centrally located with its wide offering of parking spaces, this  park is one of the places which offers free running tracks in Dubai and it’s open to visitors  24/7! And what makes this track special is it is next to the Dubai Frame, making it the perfect  choice for jogging or running. 

Full guide for the Dubai Frame  

Dubai Frame is the largest picture frame in the world 

  • The frame was designed with special engineering standards to ensure the safety of the  structural construction, and it’s constructed in the form of a rectangular frame. 
  • When was the Dubai Frame opened? The construction of the frame began in 2015 by  Dubai Municipality and took three years to build until it was opened in 2018. 
  • The Dubai Frame height is 150 meters, or the equivalent of 48 floors, and this height is  for the two vertical sides of the rectangle. 
  • The horizontal rib connecting the two vertical ribs is 93 meters long, and a wonderful  suspended glass bridge has been established in this side to allow visitors a complete  and unlimited view of the entire Emirate of Dubai.
  • About 2000 tons of steel and about 10 thousand cubic meters of cement were  consumed to construct the frame’s concrete structure. 
  • For the implementation of the suspended glass bridge, about 3000 square meters of  heat & cold insulating glass panels and weather-resistant were consumed. 
  • To cover the external frame, 15,000 square meters of stainless steel paper was used,  and it was used in the form of units coated with a layer of titanium nitrate to give it a  golden color. 
  • The cost of building the Dubai Frame was estimated at 250 million AED. 
  • Dubai once again succeeded in entering the Guinness Book Records, where it was  ranked as the largest building in the form of a frame and become on the list of Dubai’s  landmarks. 

Dubai Frame

The idea of constructing this majestic frame in Dubai 

  • The idea behind the establishment of the frame is to gather all the landmarks of Dubai  in one view, to enhance Dubai’s economy and to attract millions of tourists to the city. 
  • This view includes the most important modern facilities on Sheikh Zayed Road, which  you will see clearly as you climb to the top of the frame from one of its sides, and from  this corner you will see the advanced present and the expected bright future of Dubai. 
  • Froe another corner, you will be able to see the ancient and modern landmarks of  Dubai in the areas of Al Karama and Umm Hurair, which represent the ancient past of  Dubai. 

Dubai Frame sections from the inside 

  1. When you enter the frame gate on the ground floor and finish paying the entry fees for  the Dubai Frame, you will find in front of you a large courtyard, at the end of it there  are escalators that will take you to the sections of the Frame, starting from the  mezzanine floor in the frame. 
  2. The Dubai Frame allows visitors to view the old Dubai exhibition, which contains  interactive screens that show the history of the UAE, especially the city of Dubai.
  3. Pictures of characters telling old stories from the Emirati heritage using holograms. 
  4. While visiting the Dubai Frame don’t miss passing the exhibition of local souvenirs,  for which the UAE is famous, from which you can buy the most unique souvenirs for  this charming tour in the frame. 
  5. On one of the mezzanine floor sides, you will find the Dubai Future Exhibition, which  reviews the country’s vision for up to 50 years to come.  
  6. The most important feature of the first and second floors in the frame is that it shows  the details of the old life that the UAE lived in, and this is what you will see from  photographs, documentaries, and Emirati heritage décor that includes the most  important elements that were used in the past in daily life, while showing the old  traditional dress of women. 
  7. As you ascending inside the Dubai Frame, you will see the modern and advanced  Dubai, which witnessed a great development in construction and reconstruction, and  this is evident from seeing the most important, most beautiful and best tourist places in  Dubai, the most important of which is Burj Khalifa, which you will see within sight. 
  8. There you will get to experience a 360-degree uninterrupted view of both, Old Dubai  where you get to see all the residential areas in Old Dubai. You also get to see the side  of New Dubai which features views of the towering skyscrapers in Downtown and the  apartments in Business Bay. 

Dubai Frame

If you have an Acrophobia (the fear of heights), do not visit Dubai Frame 

  • Because of the height of the towering Dubai Frame, you will feel very intimidated when you  enter the building, for the following reasons: 
  • The elevators are designed in the panorama style. All of them have glass facades. You  can see everything around the building while you are in the electric elevator on your  journey to the top of the frame. 
  • The horizontal glass walkway has a unique feature by transforming from dark floor to  transparent glass floor one by standing on it, and you will find everything that is below  the frame clearly visible in front of you under your feet. 
  • The Frame in Dubai Fitness Challenge Championship was organized with the  participation of many government institutions and private entities.
  • Indeed, a visit to the Dubai Frame is frightening for the faint-hearted and those with an  Acrophobia. 

Dubai Frame Timing  

Dubai frame opening hours: daily from ten in the morning. 

Dubai Frame tickets prices 

  • Dubai Frame ticket price is 50 AED for adults, 20 AED for children. 
  • You can buy Dubai Frame tickets and know more about Frame by visiting the  official website.  

Restaurants near Dubai Frame 

Here are some restaurants close to the Dubai framework. We advise you to try them after  taking a tour in the Dubai Frame Garden to relax and eat the most delicious meals. 

1- Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant: A restaurant that serves many famous Arabic foods such  as Mandi, Madhbi and many types of Yemeni cuisine. 

2- Sushi Nations Restaurant: An Asian restaurant that serves many types of seafood and  Japanese food 

3- Manvaar Restaurant: A restaurant serves in Indian food 

Hotels near Dubai Frame 

A group of Dubai hotels near Zabeel Park:- 

Rove Trade Center Hotel: This three-star hotel has strategic location between new and  old Dubai, less than one kilometer from Dubai Frame. 

Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai: A five-star hotel with stunning views of the Dubai  skyline 

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