Best Dubai Marina Mall activities

On an area of 390,000 square feet, the Dubai Marina Mall, which overlooks Dubai Marina, was established in a four-storey building, which opened in 2008.
One of the best malls in Dubai, Dubai Marina Mall includes about 140 stores belonging to the most famous brands, and it is affiliated with Emaar Mall Group, which has established many of Dubai’s malls.

Despite its small area, it includes many events and recreational activities, including XLine Dubai, the longest zipline in the world, which is one of the most important aspects of tourism in Dubai.

Dubai Marina Mall
Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall Location

  • Dubai Marina Mall is located in the Dubai Marina area, along the Corniche Street. ∙ The Dubai Marina Mall can be reached by tram, and you get off at the Dubai Marina station.
  • By metro, the nearest station to the mall is JLT.

Things to do at Dubai Marina Mall 

1. XLine Dubai Marina

Enjoy flying in the air without parachutes and enjoy the scenic views as you flying over Dubai Marina, and see all of its giant towers, luxury yachts and crystal-clear waters on the coast of Dubai Marina.
XLine Dubai Marina is one of the most important recreational things to do at Dubai Marina Mall, which will give you self-confidence and a feeling of going without restrictions.

From a height of 170 meters, you will jump fully secured with many equipment, fly a kilometer at a speed of more than 80 km per hour, and this is because of the steepness of the track 16 degrees
Wait!!! If you want a company while flying in the air, you can share this experience with one of your friends through the “Zipline” double track zipline and soon the triple track will be opened for you to enjoy group flying with your friends.

You can also keep a photo and video keepsake of your flying moments with the GoPro camera, which is attached to the top of the helmet that you wear on your head as an element of your insurance.
The zip-line will end on the rooftop of Dubai Marina Mall, to continue your journey with shopping inside the mall.

XLine Dubai Marina tickets prices

  • Single track, 650 AED.
  • Double lane (Zipline) for two people 1200 AED.

Timing and conditions of the X-Line Dubai Marina game

  • You can enjoy the flight daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Head to Dubai Marina Mall, contact the XLine office on the P floor to register your name.
  • You must be more than 12 years old and less than 65 years old.
  • Your weight must not be less than 50 kg.
  • Allowed height starts from 130 cm.

X-Line Dubai Marina

2. Kids Play Area \ Dubai Marina Mall Games

The real happiness of seeing your children playing and having fun, and this is what you get by entering the gate of Kids Play Area at Marina Dubai Mall.
You will find many fun, dynamic and interactive games, video games, as well as many recreational activities for children.

Working hours in Kids Play Area Dubai Marina

  • Every day from ten in the morning until eight in the evening.
  • Daily from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

3. Cinemas in Dubai Marina Mall

One of the things to do at Dubai Marina Mall is Enjoy watching the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies on the latest cinema screens that located in Dubai Marina Mall.
You can order the ticket from one of the electronic screens outside the cinema, as there is no traditional box office.
You can also order food or drinks through these screens, so that what you ordered will come to you as soon as you are in your place, as it is the exact meaning of luxury embodied in the Dubai Marina Mall cinema.

Reel cinema at Dubai Marina Mall tickets prices

  • 2D movie: 35 AED.
  • 3D movie: 45 AED.
  • Dine-In: 25 AED.
  • Dolby: 50 AED.
  • Premier ticket: 55 AED.
  • Platinum ticket: 68 AED.

Reel cinema at Dubai Marina Mall tickets prices

4. The most important stores and shops in Dubai Marina Mall

Enjoy shopping, and wander among the many stores that display the finest international products affiliated with famous brands in Dubai Marina Mall.

Best Dubai Marina Mall shops

1- Electronics shops
Everything you are looking for from modern devices, laptops, computers and mobiles, as well as CDs, and DVDs, you will find it in one of the electronics stores in Dubai Marina Mall, including:

• Virgin Megastores, you can find it on the Promenade floor.
• Axiom Telecom, you can find it on the Promenade floor.
• Lakeland on the first floor

2- Clothes shops
You will find more than one brand in Dubai Marina Mall, all the international brands in clothing for men, children and women in one of the fashion stores in Dubai Marina Mall.
The most famous fashion outlet in Dubai Marina Mall
• Guess, you can find it on the ground floor.
• Gant, you find him on the first floor.
• H&M, you can find it on the ground floor.
• ICONIC, you can find it on the first floor

3- Cosmetics and Beauty Lounges in Dubai Marina Mall stores
Everything that women are looking for in personal care and beauty products can be found in one of the cosmetics stores in Dubai Marina Mall, including:

• Bath and Body Works, you can find it on the ground floor.
• Mac, you can find it on the ground floor.
• NStyle Beauty Lounge, you can find it on the Promenade floor

4- Waitrose Supermarket
One of the most famous international stores is Waitrose Market, which offers many varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits in a similar way to traditional markets. You can find it on the Promenade floor.5- 5- Jewelry and watch stores
Enjoy selecting the most luxurious watches with international brands and the finest jewelry from one of the jewelry stores in Dubai Marina Mall, including:.
• PANDORA, you can find it on the ground floor.
• Damas Jewellery, you can find it on the first floor.
• Swatch, you can find it on the Promenade floor.
• Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, you can find him on the ground floor.

Best restaurants in Dubai Marina Mall

Among the most important restaurants in Dubai, you will find your favourite restaurant among the 21 restaurants in Dubai Marina Mall. Enjoy dining in the coolest spot on the Dubai Marina, whether outdoors or inside the dining area in Dubai Marina Mall.

dubai marina mall restaurants

Popular restaurants at Dubai Marina Mall

1. Shakespeare and Co. Restaurant & Café
One of the restaurants specialising in their fast food and special drinks, you can find it on the ground floor of Marina Mall.

2. Baskin-Robbins
You can find the most delicious sweets and ice cream on the second floor in the food court of the Dubai Marina Mall.

3. Uncle Fluffy
Enjoy the special taste of cake from Uncle Fluffy outlets in Dubai Marina Mall, you can find it on the ground floor.

4. Yo! Sushi
Eat the best of Chinese sushi, at Yo! Sushi Restaurant, which you can find in the Promenade floor.

5. Zafaran Restaurant
Lovers of Indian food and hot spices, will find delicious dishes at Saffron Restaurant on the ground floor.

An epitome of Arabian hospitality, Cafe Bateel has an outlet in Dubai Marina Mall. It serves a selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes at Cafe Bateel.

7. Starbucks Café
The finest coffee beans that are carefully ground to provide a distinctive drink that you will get at Starbucks Café, found on the ground floor.

7. Best Shawarma
Enjoy the best taste of shawarma with its various ingredients, whether meat or chicken shawarma, and the new fish shawarma, which is offered by Best Shawarma restaurant in Dubai Marina Mall, you will find it on the second floor.

Hotels near Dubai Marina Mall

The most important hotels in Dubai, you will find them among the hotels near the Dubai Marina Mall, and this is due to its special location, including:

1- Intercontinental Dubai Marina Hotel

The five-star Intercontinental Dubai Marina is one of the most important hotels in the Emirates, which is known for its superior service and location.
The hotel includes 328 rooms, and also includes 8 restaurants and cafes, and its location is close to:
• Dubai Marina directly facing it.
• Jumeirah Beach is 10 minutes away.
• Mall of the Emirates, 10 km away.
• Aquaventure Park is 20 minutes away

2- Address Dubai Marina Hotel

If you want to stay near the Dubai Marina Mall, we advise you to stay at the Address Dubai Marina hotel, which is directly connected to the mall.
The hotels belong to the five-star category, and it is located directly on the Dubai Marina, as it is close to:
• The Arabian Gulf Beach is a 5-minute walk away.
• Dubai Internet City and Media is a 5-minute drive away.
• Al Maktoum Airport, 21 km away

3- Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel\ Luxury Dubai Beach Hotel

If you are looking at Dubai hotel booking sites, you will find Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, one of the best hotels in the Dubai Marina area. It is a five-star category, and its location is very special due to its proximity to these vital landmarks, including:

• Dubai Airport is 21 km away.
• Wild Wadi Water Park is half km away.
• Mall of the Emirates is approximately 2 km away.
• Dubai Police Academy, 1.6 km away.
• Jumeirah Beach 900 meters away

Dubai Marina Mall Timing:

Dubai Marina Mall opening hours
• Daily from 10:00am to 11:00pm.
• On Thursday and Friday, from 10:00am to 12:00am.

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