What to wear under the Abaya

The modern world comes with modern choices. The old times of traditional front closure abayas have ended, we have multiple options now. An abaya has a long-lived history in Muslims’ religion and their culture. It has gained more popularity with further choice disclosure.

You no longer have to compromise style by wearing a traditional Islamic garment known as the abaya. However, what you wear beneath is a tough choice. It either facilitates or deters the overall look of your amazing abaya. It is significant in determining your comfort, modesty, and personal style. Make sure what you choose to wear under your abaya is the best in its category.

Types of Abayas

For all the women out there belonging to varied cultures, the choice may differ. What fits you best to wear underneath can be different for someone else. It heavily depends on the type of abaya you prioritize whether it is traditional, modern, or at most designer offering you elegance on the top. You need to wear accordingly as for traditional abayas consider wearing modest inner dresses. On the other hand, for modern abayas, opt for a pair of tops and bottoms or any creative outfit not compromising modesty.

Modesty and Comfort

Wearing an underdress that provides you comfort and modesty altogether can make your abaya experience well. You should always search for underdresses that are comfortable and appear modest when paired with your elegant and lovely abayas. If you opt for inappropriate under-dresses, it might hinder you from moving around freely ruining your overall experience with this modest outfit.

Fabric and Material Considerations

Likewise, with the various design options you have in abayas, you are also free to choose an appropriate fabric that fits you well. The fabric and material you wear in a particular season or region might not work well in others. You should choose your underdress fabric and material considering your climatic conditions. For summer or hot weather, opt for breathable and lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen which are super comfortable too. If you are experiencing cold weather, consider wearing an under dress made from wool or velvet for extra warmth and comfort in winter.

Color Coordination

To enhance and brighten up your look, the underdress you pair should be of appropriate color. It should be in a neutral color matching your abaya and offering you versatility. In addition, you can also opt for contrasting colors that can go well with your abaya and make it appear more attractive.

Seasonal Considerations

When deciding on what to wear beneath your abaya, don’t forget to consider the season you are currently experiencing. In hot sunny weather, you should wear breathable and lightweight underdresses that provide you comfort. But what if you are having cold days? Don’t worry you can consider fabrics offering warmth to you for handling cold weather. You can choose among various options of fabric available such as wool or velvet.

Layering and Accessorizing

When it comes to enhancing your abaya look, you have sufficient choices. You can choose a coordinating scarf to create a modest look you have always wondered about. In addition, you can wear a belt on your inner dress to add extra style and make it a good fit for you. Wearing light jewelry on your outfit will also add a touch of elegance to your look making you stand out and your abaya appear unique.


Wearing an abaya is a symbol of religious adherence for Muslim women. However, modesty never aims to compromise style and therefore you can opt for the best combination of abaya and underdress to embrace style, comfort, and modesty altogether. You should decide on the best pair considering the fabric that suits you, the design you prefer, and the season you are experiencing.

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