Best Places to Get Brunch in Dubai

The best brunch places in Dubai is a difficult question to answer, as there are many great places. One can find everything from French toast and eggs to pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. The possibilities are endless when it comes to brunch in Dubai!

Best brunch in dubai

London Social Brunch – Ritz-Carlton Dubai

The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai is a luxurious hotel with a beautiful brunch selection. They have eggs Benedict, French toast and pancakes for breakfast orders. Their lunch menu offers delicious dishes from the American southwest such as tacos with beef cheeks or buffalo chicken wings.

Brunch in Dubai


Bubbalicious Dubai is located right on the beach. This brunch has a wide selection of food and drinks that will definitely leave you wanting for more! They serve everything from pancakes to an omelet station, fresh fruits salads, fries with truffle salt and delicious pasta dishes such as penne carbonara with pancetta. If you are looking for best kid friendly brunches in Dubai then this restaurant would be ideal.

Brunch at Brasserie 2.0

Brasserie offers a French twist on brunch. The food is delicious with beautiful presentation. They have omelet, eggs Benedict and pancakes for breakfast orders along with dishes such as lamb chops or seared scallops for lunch menu items. It’s the perfect place to go if you are looking to indulge in some luxury dining!

Brunch at Trouvaille

Trouvaille has a brunch menu that is full of different dishes from around the world. They serve everything from blueberry pancakes to an omelet station, fresh fruit salads and French toast with bacon! It’s the perfect place for people who like variety when it comes to their food.

Brunch in Dubai
Brunch in Dubai

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Maiden Shanghai Brunch

Maiden Shanghai is a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum and other traditional dishes. They have an extensive brunch menu with many delicious options such as sweet corn pancakes, beef noodle soup or congee rice porridge! The food will leave you wanting for more.

Traiteur Brunch, Park Hyatt Dubai

This brunch is located in the Park Hyatt hotel. It has a wide selection of food that includes eggs Benedict, pancakes with bacon and French toast! The desserts are extravagant as well! They offer an ice cream parlor where you can create your own ice cream sundae or choose from their pre-made ones. There’s also a crepe station if you are craving for something sweet alongside various cakes which will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.

Garden on 8 Brunch

Another great option for brunch is Garden on 8 Brunch. Their food menu has a range of different items that are going to make you want more. They have items such as waffles with ice cream, French toast and pancakes. It’s the perfect place to eat when looking for a relaxing time during brunch! This is the best outdoor brunch in Dubai.

Brunch at One&Only the Palm Dubai

One&Only has a wonderful selection of food that includes everything from eggs Benedict to an omelet station along with crepes and fresh fruits salads. They also offer delicious dishes from around the world which is going to leave you wanting more no matter what dish you order! It’s definitely one of our top choices in terms of brunches all over Dubai.

Eateries at Burj Khalifa Brunch

There are many great places for brunch in and near Burj Khalifa. If you are looking for a high end business brunch then these eateries are where you should go. Eateries at and around Burj Khalifa are a great place to go if you are looking for delicious food with spectacular views. They have choices such as chips and Guacamole, waffles or blueberry pancakes and many other items! All of their dishes are beautifully presented which makes the whole experience even more amazing.

Eateries at Burj Khalifa Brunch

Toro Toro Brunch

Toro Toro Brunch has a wide selection of food such as traditional Arabic food, eggs, pancakes and French toast. They also have many other delicious items that you are going to want more! The lobster bisque soup is one famous item on the menu along with their sushi station which will make your mouth water! Their desserts include everything from chocolate fondant to crepes and ice cream sundaes. It’s definitely the perfect place for brunch in Dubai if you like variety when it comes to your food.

The Croft Brunch

Located in Dubai Marriot Harbour Hotel, this is one brunch experience you will never forget. The Croft has a wide range of items such as mac and cheese, spicy beans and other delicious dishes. They also have an extensive dessert menu which includes everything from homemade ice cream to chocolate fondant! It’s the perfect place for anyone who is craving some homemade desserts and deliciously crafted food!

Asia Asia Brunch

Buddha bar has delicious Asian inspired foods such as miso soup with clams or sushi rolls along with grilled beef skewers. The restaurant itself has an amazing atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion so it’s no wonder why they are one of our top choices when it comes to brunches in Dubai. It’s the ideal place for people who are looking to experience something different during their brunch time in Dubai! If you are free on the weekend then you should definitely make a plan with you friends to have the best brunch in Dubai Saturday.


Looking for a traditional Arabian brunch or going for a more continental brunch experience, you can get both at Yalumba. They have an amazing buffet that includes everything from hummus to couscous along with traditional Arabic cuisine. They also serve a wide variety of different foods such as various types of fish and shellfish, lamb chops and chicken shawarma! It’s a perfect place for anyone who is interested in experiencing the best brunch in Dubai.

The above mentioned brunches are only some of Dubai’s finest places to go when looking for somewhere to have great food during brunch time. These restraint will be offering the best brunch in Dubai 2022 as well. So if you are looking for best brunches in Dubai then check out these delightful brunch in Dubai. Whatever it may be that one seeks out there is always one place nearby that offers it all at amazing prices!

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