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In this article, we offer you the most important information about Dubai Creek in pictures,  which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai for free

Al Seef Dubai Creek is the most famous tourist attraction in Dubai. It is a 15 km long saltwater  inlet that divides the city of Dubai into two parts, Bur Dubai and Deira, and forms a natural  harbor for ships of Arab design. 

Since ancient times, Dubai has carried out the development of Al Seef Dubai Creek project,  where it was deepened to accommodate a larger number of merchant ships and increased import  and export operations, as the shallowness of the creek was one of the obstacles to allowing  ships to enter. 

The creek is also considered the heart of Dubai, as it formed an important point for the main  trade of the Emirate of Dubai in the past, such as fishing and diving to search for pearls. 

The importance of Creek Dubai lies in the construction of three bridges on the creek to connect  the city with each other and facilitate the process of movement through Al Garhoud Bridge, Al  Maktoum Bridge and Business Bay Crossing. In the following article you will find information  about the Creek and the best activities to do at Creek Dubai. 

Best things to do at Creek Dubai  

  • You can buy Al Seef Dubai Creek tickets to ride a small wooden boat for one AED, take  a trip along the Creek and see the most important landmarks of Dubai and also enjoy  watching the seagulls. 
  • If you are a group, you can rent a private boat for 100 AED and take a cruise along the  creek and enjoy watching the landmarks of Dubai near the creek. 
  • Creek Dubai Corniche also contains many international restaurants that offer the best and  most delicious food, enjoy lunch, see the scenic landscape and feed the seagulls. 
  • Dubai Creek Park contains an educational and entertainment center for kids from 2 to 15  years old that encourages them to search and explore through playing and practicing their  hobbies. 
  • Floating restaurants at Creek Dubai also provide visitors with the opportunity to wander  around the Creek eat meals and watch interesting artistic and musical performances. 

Dubai Creek

Places near Creek Dubai  

  • You can visit the famous Naif Souk in Dubai and buy clothes, accessories and many  products offered by Naif Souk at acceptable prices.
  • Dubai Gold Souk is one of the most famous Gold Souks in the world and there are many  shops that offer everything that is new and different in the world of gold. 
  • You can visit Dubai Creek Park and do many activities such as barbecue, kids’ games,  feed the birds, enjoy the scenic views of the city and have cold or hot drinks. 

Restaurants near Creek Dubai 

  • The Boardwalk Restaurant is located in the Yacht and Golf Creek Club, it allows you to  have drinks and food in a small donut-like boat in the middle of the Creek’s water. 
  • Legends Restaurant, located in the Dubai Club, offers many delicious dishes on the buffet  while enjoying the sea view of the Creek. 

Restaurants near Creek Dubai 

How long is the Creek? 

The length of the creek is approximately 15 km and many tourism and commercial projects  have been established along the Dubai Creek. Dubai Municipality has also established many public  facilities and parking lots to serve visitors and tourists. 

Dubai has announced the completion of the first phases of the Creek Tower project, which will  be one of the most important landmarks in Dubai after its opening before the Expo 2020, as it  will be the tallest tower in Dubai and the world. 

The cost of the tower, as announced by Emaar Properties, will reach one billion dollars, and it is  located near Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary within the waterfront project next to the Creek. 

Best hotels in Dubai Creek 

1- The Sheraton Creek Hotel and Towers is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. It is  located 5 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport and allows guests to play tennis  and squash. It also contains a range of international restaurants. 

2- The 5-star Park Hyatt Dubai hotel is one of the best hotels in Dubai and is characterized  by providing a distinguished group of services such as a 25-meter swimming pool among  palm trees, an international health club and many international restaurants. 

3- Rove City Centre Hotel offers many services to its visitors, including an outdoor  swimming pool, a fitness club, a 24-hour convenience store, in addition to laundry  services and many more services that characterize the hotel. 

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