Best activities at Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in Dubai, which was built on an area of one million  and one hundred thousand square meters, and is affiliated with Emaar Group. 

The mall includes about 1,200 shops, which is why it is considered one of the largest malls in  the world. 

The Dubai Mall was opened in 2008, and 80 million visitors visited the mall in 2014 because  of its distinctive marketing and entertainment. 

Dubai Mall Location  

Dubai Mall is located on Doha Street, in the middle of Dubai, next to Burj Khalifa. 

If you are coming from Abu Dhabi, take Sheikh Zayed Road. 

If you are coming from Al Ain, take Hatta Street. 

If you are coming from Dubai, take the Financial Center Street 

The Dubai Mall Guide  

Entertainment and things to do in Mall of Dubai 

The entertainment in the Dubai Mall is completely different from what you have heard or seen  in any of Dubai malls that you visited. Once you visit the Dubai Mall, you will find everything  that is dazzling and new that will turn your shopping trip into an adventure that roams you in  many imaginary atmospheres. Visiting Dubai Mall is a must as it is one of the best places in  Dubai. All you have to do is driving to Mall of Dubai to experience luxurious and joy  

Here is the Mall of Dubai Guide where you can find the most important information about Dubai  Mall attractions and the most recreational things to do in Dubai Mall:  

1- Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 

The excitement is embodied in your entry to the world of the Dubai Mall Aquarium and the  Underwater Zoo in The Mall of Dubai. More than 33,000 fish belonging to more than one  hundred species will be found swimming around you everywhere inside the Aquarium Tunnel. 

Imagine your circus inside an aquarium tunnel and you find a shark swimming next to it and  separated from it by a fiberglass tube containing 10 million liters of water, really an exciting  and enjoyable experience, that’s why it is one of the most important tourist places in Dubai. 

The Dubai Mall Aquarium Timing:  

The Dubai Mall Aquarium working hours is daily from 10:00am to 12:00am. 

Find the Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall on the second floor, and the aquarium  tunnel on the ground floor. 

The duration of the tour in the Dubai Mall Aquarium is about half an hour, and in the  waterpark the tour takes about an hour.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 

2- Dubai Ice Rink: Skating in Dubai Mall 

On the ground floor of the Mall of Dubai, enjoy ice skating in one of the largest ice rinks  designed according to international Olympic standards, and join the evening parties for free  ice dancing, and don’t worry if you haven’t skied before, you will find many trainers to help  you to take your first steps on the ice 

Ice rink skating opening hours 

  • Daily from 10:00am to 12:00am. 
  • On weekends, work extends until 1:00am. 

Dubai Ice Rink: Skating in Dubai Mall

3- Dubai fountain 

You often watch the dancing Dubai Fountain from outside and enjoy its amazing shows with  sound and light effects, but have you ever thought about roaming inside the fountain itself!!! 

Here’s the opportunity. Now enjoy riding the Abra boats that take you inside the Dubai  Fountain, to be as close as possible to watching this attractive show. 

And because the Dubai Fountain is famous for its distinguished location between the Dubai  Mall and Burj Khalifa, it has been classified as one of Dubai’s most important landmarks. 

The Dubai Fountain Abra boat ride Timing:  

  • At 1:00pm, the Abra tours begin, which start every half an hour. 
  • Ticket price for riding Abra boats is about 20 AED 

Dubai fountain

4- Dubai Opera 

Close to the Mall of Dubai, you will find a huge building in the form of a sailboat; this is the  Dubai Opera, which presents musical, singing and theatrical performances. 

Dubai Opera House can accommodate more than 2000 people, and at the top of Dubai Opera  you will find the glass garden, which includes many of the most famous restaurants and cafes.

If you are looking for the most important tourist places in the Emirates, do not miss visiting  the Dubai Opera House. 

5- KidZania 

Fun and entertainment for kids will be found at KidZania in Dubai Mall. On the second floor,  you will find KidZania Dubai Mall, a mini interactive city that the child joins in as if in a  natural world. 

Once the child arrives at KidZania Airport, he will get 50 kidzo, which is the currency  circulating within KidZania city, to work in one of the areas available in the city and earn  more kidzo, and exchange it at the end of the trip with many gifts. 

KidZania opening hours 

  • Children are welcomed with their parent, daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm. • On holidays, work continues until 11:00pm. 

kidzania dubai mall

6- Dubai Dino 

At the ground level in the center of the mall you will find the mummy of Dubai Dino, one of  the rarest dinosaurs dating back 155 million years, and this mummy is characterized by that  about 90% of its bones are natural and was brought from America, the home of its discovery,  to be placed in the mall 

7- Dubai Mall Reel Cinemas 

Your entertainment trip in the mall will not be complete without watching the latest Arab and  international movies in Dubai Mall on one of Reel Cinemas screens, which offers 26 screens. 

Reel Cinemas showroom tickets prices 

  • 35 AED for 2D movie 
  • 45 AED for 3D movie 
  • 130 AED for a 2D movie in the VIP hall 
  • 160 AED 3D movie ticket price in the VIP hall 
  • 130 AED in Mx4D hall 
  • 63 AED with Screen X technology 
  • 78 AED with Screen X Plus technology
  • 80 AED with Barco Escape technology 
  • 168 AED Platinum ticket  
  • 125 AED Dine-In ticket  

Reel Cinemas opening hours 

  • Daily from 10:00am to 12:00am. 
  • On holidays, work continues until 2:00am. 

Dubai Mall Reel Cinemas 

8- Hysteria: haunted house 

One of the most exciting things to do in Dubai Mall that you are invited to is visiting the  House of Horror Hysteria, one of the most famous attractions in Dubai. 

On the second floor, beware before you enter the haunted house, and do not tolerate the Dubai  Mall horror house, you will find terrifying surprises that may not be suitable for faint-hearted. 

Hysteria Horror House working hours: 

  • You can experience panic from 10:00am to 12:00am. 
  • Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter 
  • Entry ticket price is 100 AED 

9- VR Park 

In the midst of many games designed with high craftsmanship and the presence of special  equipment that enables you to enter the virtual world as if you were an essential element of the  game’s characters 

On an area of 7000 square meters, you can choose your favorite game from among 30 games  to be part of its heroes in fighting the villains, such as: 

  • Avatar. 
  • Fight against zombies. 
  • Planetary War and Space. 
  • The war of the mummies. 

Virtual Reality opening hours: 

  • Daily work starts from 10:00am to 12:00am.

10- Open Air Cinema the Dubai Mall 

Enjoy al fresco dining with free movies in the Downtown Eats area. 

11- Dubai Creek Tower Sculpture in the Dubai Mall 

In the Grand Atrium, the main hall of the mall, you can see a model of the Dubai Creek  Tower. The model was executed with about three thousand kilograms of aluminum made with  3D technology, sound and light effects were added to the model to become an important  landmark of the Emirates attractions. 

Sound and Light Show for Dubai Creek Tower Sculpture 

  • Throughout the week at 5:00pm, 8:00pm and 11:00pm.  
  • On holidays, at 3:00pm 5:00pm, 8:00pm and 11:00pm.  

12- Sega Republic Theme Park at The Dubai Mall 

Among more than 250 games between interactive games, video games, action games and  competition, you will find sure fun and compete with your family and friends. It is a suitable  place for adults and children, and you will enjoy one of the following games: 

  • Laser maze. 
  • Spin gear. 
  • Wild Jungle. 

Sega Republic Theme Park  

  • Daily from 10:00am to 12:00am. 
  • Entry ticket prices: within 30 AED depending on the games you choose 

The most famous stores in Dubai Mall 

Diversity and luxury in the offered products are the hallmark of the exhibits in the mall, and  this is what will make sure that you wander among the most famous shops in Dubai Mall,  which offer the most luxurious products and the most famous brands. 

1- Fashion and clothing stores in Dubai Mall 

Among more than 200 famous international brands, enjoy the luxury of choosing your clothes; you will have a five-star experience by shopping inside the fashion hall for women and men.

In the luxury fashion hall, you will be dazzled by the luxury of the place, where the white  marble floors, the walls decorated with onyx, luxurious carpets with a moving glass ceiling  that allows sunlight to enter the place, and you will find the most important luxury brands in  Dubai Mall such as:. 

  • Chloe. 
  • Dolce & Gabbana. 
  • Valentino. 
  • Dior. 

2- Electronics stores 

Everything that is innovative and modern in the field of electronics you will inevitably find in  the electronics stores in Dubai Mall, and you will find many smart phones and digital devices  in these stores:. 

  • Grand Stores Digital. 
  • Apple Dubai Mall Store on the first floor. 
  • Astronomy Express 

3- Perfume and cosmetics shops in Dubai Mall  

The most luxurious international brands of perfumes you will find in the perfume and  cosmetics stores in Dubai Mall, such as: 

Areej Al Ameerat 

Isla Beauty. 

Urban Decay. 

Dubai Mall Furniture Stores 

 If you dream of furnishing your home with elegant and distinctive furniture, you must  visit the furniture stores in Dubai Mall, which display the most luxurious products in the  world of furniture for the most famous brands, such as: 

Bloomingdale’s Furniture. 

Persian carpets house. 

Al Shareif Gallery  

4- Waitrose Groceries in The Dubai Mall 

For the first time, Waitrose supermarket outside the borders of the UK for all food products  that mimics that nature of ordinary markets.  

5- The Dubai Mall Indoor Gold Souk 

220 stores have been dedicated for selling gold and named “The Indoor Gold Souk” in The  Dubai Mall, and this part was designed in the old heritage Arabic style. 

  • Piaget. 
  • Jacob & Co. 

Al Fardan Jewels & Precious Stones 

  • Alexander McQueen 

The most important Restaurants and Cafes in Dubai Mall 

Certainly, after touring the mall, you will need a café or restaurant to relax in. 

We promise you a unique experience in eating the most delicious international and Arab  dishes by visiting the most famous restaurants in Dubai, and the world at all. 

Lovers of American cuisine, you are invited to visit the Food Court, which includes 40  restaurants that serve fast food, including: 

  • Hardee’s 
  • Krispy Kreme 

As for lovers of international dishes, they are ready to visit the following restaurants: • Chili’s 

  • Guy Fieri’s Kitchen 

But if you get tired of your tour, you will find one of the cafes that you like out of 120 cafes,  including: 

  • Rubicon Café on the second floor 
  • PappaRoti Cafe on the first floor. 
  • Rainforest Cafe

dubai mall food court

Hotels near Dubai Mall 

There are many hotels near Dubai Mall, and all of them offer luxurious five-star  accommodation, and this is due to the distinction of the location in which the mall is located  and as an important landmark in the Emirates.  

Best hotels near Dubai Mall: 

  1. Armani Hotel Dubai

The hotel is located close to the mall, next to Burj Khalifa, and is one of the best five-star  luxury hotels in Dubai, and was designed by international designer Giorgio Armani. 

The hotel consists of six floors and includes about 160 rooms, and its location is close to  important areas such as: 

  • Dubai Mall is a 15-minute walk away. 
  • Dubai International Financial Center is half an hour’s walk away. 
  • The Dubai Fountain is 20 minutes away. 
  • Near to Dubai Mall Station, 10 minutes away 
  1. Address Downtown Hotel

The Address Downtown Hotel is one of the most famous five-star hotels in Dubai. It consists  of 63 floors and includes more than 200 rooms. 

Its prime location close to: 

  • Dubai Mall is 10 minutes away. 
  • City Walk Shopping Center is 30 minutes away. 
  • Burj Khalifa is 20 minutes away. 
  • The Dubai Fountain. 
  1. The Palace Downtown Hotel

One of the most important hotels in Dubai is The Palace Downtown Hotel, a five-star hotel,  which includes 242 rooms, 7 restaurants and a conference hall, and is close to many vital areas  such as:. 

  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa 
  • Al Bahar Souk 

Dubai Mall services 

The mall administration was keen to provide many services to visitors at the Dubai Mall to  make their trip inside the mall more comfortable, such as: 

  • Free Wi-Fi is available inside the Dubai Mall. 
  • Provides wheelchairs for the elderly and baby strollers to enjoy walking around the mall  easily. 
  • ATM machines everywhere in the mall. 
  • Delivery service. 
  • Charging centers for phones. 
  • There is more than one childcare room on each floor of the mall. 
  • Security and guarding throughout the mall to roam safely. 
  • Emaar Gift Cards. 
  • parking at Dubai Mall that can accommodate more than 14,000 cars 

Top attractions accessible from the Dubai Mall 

Dubai Fountain  

Dubai Mall Waterfalls  

Burj Khalifa  

Souk Al Bahar  

The Armani Spa  

Dubai Opera  

Dubai Mall Timing:  

  • Daily from 10:00am to 12:00am.  
  • On holidays, opening hours continues until 1:00am.

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