How much does it cost to translate a legal document ?

Do you want to translate your document and spend along time on several sites to know how much does it cost to translate it? It’s okay , you are in the right place that answers about all your questions.

Legal translation office dubai gives some rules for translation, Translate one document depends on many factors you should to know like, word count, specialization, deadlines, company location, team…etc.

Word count

One of the factors that contribute to determining the price of document translation is word count, which is counted by knowing the number of words that are in the original text, because it is not possible to know the number of words of the target text until translate it.

The price is determined according to the words of the text to be translated.


Actually, Sufficient translator can translate any text, but sometimes the idea of ​​specialization is required.

For example, if some one want to translate a medical document , it must be done by a one has experience in medical field.

Translation laws, he must know the texts of laws and legislation, and the same in translating documents of other fields in order to be presented Correct translation without mistakes.


The translation cost is also determined according to the deadline. If the text is urgent and long, great translators try to translate it in order to complete it in particular time . As a result, additional fees are charged on the translation price.

Translation company location

The translation price also varies from one company to another, as the world-renowned companies set their own competitive prices only, such as:

_ American companies in Chicago and the United Kingdom.

_ other companies in the middle East like company of legal Translation Dubai Un like unpopular ones .


There are many offices that have highly professional translators, as sometimes the legal document requires a team of translators .

In order to divide the tasks among them, read it well, search in more than one source, and translate it in a correct way ، then make a revision and deliver it to client.

To sum up, translation price can go up or down depending on several factors, so try to know them well so that you can guess the price of your article.

If you want a legal translation English to arabic or to any other language do not hesitate to call us and enjoy with legal Translation services dubai.

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