The most prominent information about the Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera House is one of the best places to visit in Dubai and the most important artistic  and cultural destinations in the charming city of Dubai, where it offers many attractive  theatrical performances, international concerts and enjoys stunning views of the Dubai  Fountain and Burj Khalifa. 

Dubai Opera is a cultural source, as it is a masterpiece of an international design, designed in  the form of a distinctive heritage boat, facing the Dubai Mall fountain. 

The international architect “Janus Rostock” made the exterior design of the Dubai Opera  House, through the distinctive shape of a “heritage dhow boat” to highlight the maritime  heritage of the Emirate of Dubai and contains elegant wood interiors, as well as hanging from  the ceiling “Najaf Chandelier” that fills the lobby with beauty, and tenderness. 

Dubai Opera

Guide to The Dubai Opera House 

  • Dubai Opera facilities include the main stage, which is located in the arched part of the  hull of the boat, in addition to the sitting rooms, and the orchestra. It can accommodate  about 2,000 visitors. Here are the most important information about Dubai Opera: 
  • Dubai Opera was opened in 2016 through a huge artistic concert by the international  artist Placido Domingo and the presentation of 40 opera plays. 
  • The Dubai Opera House hall accommodates approximately 2,000 people with removable  seats. 
  • The Dubai Opera House is located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, near the Burj  Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai. 
  • Dubai Opera is the first opera house in the Arabian Gulf region 
  • Dubai Opera includes an indoor and outdoor theatre, a ballet and concert hall, and a  hotel to serve the Opera House’s visitors. 
  • The Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi performed an artistic show on the Dubai Opera stage  as the first Arab artist. 
  • Dubai Opera hosts many theatrical and musical performances, in addition to ballet  shows, fashion shows and orchestras.
  • The Dubai Opera shows held an artistic concert for the artist Umm Kulthum through the  hologram technology, where the audience enjoyed the songs “Enta Omri”, “sert el Hob”,  “Lessa Faker” and “Alef Lelah o Lelah”. 
  • Emaar Properties is the main developer of Dubai Opera within the Opera District project.

Dubai Opera

Best activities at Dubai Opera House  

  • Enjoy the view of the interior design in the departments of the house, as it is inspired by  marine designs, and gives a sense of elegance and distinction. 
  • Feeling astonished by the features of the Opera House when watching the upper covered  glass garden, which is surrounded by many distinguished and luxurious restaurants, and  visiting the opera gallery Dubai. 
  • Watching special performance at Opera, through musical and theatrical Dubai Opera events. The Opera House also includes art exhibitions and ballet performances, in  addition to hosting classical concerts, for all fine art lovers. 
  • After enjoying listening to and watching shows at Opera and musical  performances, do not forget to go to one of the luxurious Dubai Opera restaurants such  as the luxurious “Sean Connolly” restaurant, which is located on the deck of the boat, as  it serves delicious European foods, in addition to enjoying a distinctive view of Dubai.  Also, the loft Dubai Opera restaurant, its design pays homage to the unique shape and  scale of the Opera building. Each element within the venue explores ideas of the  sea, from the oyster with its combination of smooth and textured surfaces, to oceanic  tones and colors. The menu contains the best of modern European cuisine with fresh  pastas, fire-grilled steaks and delicious seafood, promising something to satisfy all  tastes. 
  • You can also, after completing a visit to the Opera House, visit Burj Khalifa, the  most important and most famous landmark in Dubai, with a wonderful view, as it is  located just steps away from Dubai Opera.

Dubai Opera

Here are the best Dubai Opera upcoming shows 

Many international celebrities and artists coming to Dubai Opera from all over the world to  perform memorable nights and performances. There you will attend a unique charm live.

Dubai Opera Shows 2021 Schedule  

30th June 2021  Music in the Studio  From 190 AED
8th July 2021  Faia Younan  From 195 AED
9th July 2021  The Sound of Hollywood  From 145 AED
15th-16th July 2021  Ragheb Alama  From 400 AED
17th July 2021  The Show W Bass  From 250 AED
10th Sept. 2021  No Mercy  From 195 AED
13th – 18th Sept 2021 & 20th – 25th Sept 2021  Mamma Mia!  From 295 AED
30th Sept. 2021  Farruquito  From 250 AED
8th-9th Oct 2021  Rock the Ballet X  From 300 AED
11th-12th Oct 2021  Rigoletto  From 300 AED
21st – 23rd Oct 2021  Devdas  From 275 AED
19th Nov 2021  Guy Manoukian  From 250 AED
22 Nov – 23 Nov 2021  Dial M for Murder  From 200 AED
2nd-4th Dec 2021  Anna Karenina  From 340 AED

Book Dubai Opera tickets 

If you want to watch the Dubai Opera 2020 concerts, you can go to the ticket office in the  Opera Plaza on Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard daily from 10 am to 9 pm, or you can buy  tickets online by visiting the Dubai Opera website to and find out the prices of the Dubai Opera  entry ticket. 

Best hotels near the Dubai Opera 

Armani Hotel Dubai 

One of the most important hotels in the Emirates, Armani Hotel Dubai was designed by  one of the most famous designers, Giorgio Armani. It has 11 floors of classic design. 

The rooms are distinguished by wonderful decorations, distinctive elegance, in addition  to interesting Japanese touches. The room has a modern flat screen, free Wi-Fi, in  addition to a mini-bar, a comfortable base for an interesting view of Burj Khalifa. 

The hotel includes a special place for relaxation, through the spacious Armani Spa,  which provides guests with hot water and personal treatments.

Armani Hotel Dubai contains several distinctive and modern restaurants, where “Armani  Hashi” restaurant serves delicious Japanese foods, and the restaurant also includes the  best nights for guests. 

Armani Hotel Dubai is located near the Opera House, a 5-minute walk away. 

Ramada Downtown Dubai hotel 

Downtown Dubai is distinguished as one of the best hotels in Dubai because of its  privileged location. It is located in the heart of Dubai, near the famous Burj Khalifa, and  therefore close to Opera, a few steps away. 

Ramada Downtown Dubai includes 181 apartments equipped with the latest facilities  that guests prefer. 

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool with a distinctive and interesting view by  enjoying healthy sunlight. It also has an indoor pool for children, and children’s  playrooms. 

The hotel has a fitness center, sauna and massage rooms, in addition to an all-day buffet  that serves food from different countries. 

Ramada Downtown Dubai is located 5 minutes from the Dubai World Trade Centre. 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a 15-minute drive from Opera and close to Wild Wadi  Water Park. 

You can enjoy sitting under the pleasant sunshine, on the beach of Jumeirah, the hotel also includes a spa center, with all services. 

The rooms feature all the amenities that guests prefer, as it includes a modern flat screen,  and free Wi-Fi. 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers the best delicious food, through its distinctive luxury  restaurants.

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